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5 Ways To Deal With A Momzilla

You're counting down to your wedding and you have been able to keep calm throughout the planning process. But you can't say the same for your mother or mother-in-law! Weddings can bring out the worst in any of us, but what began as kindly offers has help has turned your mother or mother-in-law into Momzilla!

There are three types of Momzilla – the mother who has always been overbearing your whole life, the mother who wants to make up for the past by smothering you, and there is the mother who never had the dream wedding so she wants you to have it for her! Keep calm and focus on your wedding planning, we have some ideas that will help you calm your Momzilla.

Speak to her

The easiest way to deal with things is to confront them head on. She might be putting down every idea you have, or refusing to let you have the day you want. Keep calm and speak to her. Explain how you feel calmly and clearly and tell her why it's important for you to have the freedom to choose what you want (even if she is paying for it). She might not even realise she is upsetting you so a quick talk could sort everything out.

Make her feel included

Your mother might just want to feel included, so why not give her something to do. You can find some tasks for your mother or mother-in-law that aren't too major and ask her to take responsibility for them. Remember to use any skills she has, from making crafts to technology use. She can make some wedding favors or create a video of photos for the big day to keep her busy and out of your way!

How To... Deal With A Momzilla Dreamwedding magazine article by Angharad Williams

Realise she is trying to help

You're not the only one who has been dreaming about your wedding day for most of your life – your mother has too! Now the time has come she must be experiencing a range of emotions, and that's not easy to deal with. Realise that the constant texts and calls are just her way of showing her love and that she wants you to have the perfect day.

Give some warning

If your mother has gone full Momzilla then warn the people you need to. Tell your wedding planner what to expect and then speak to any vendors that she might try to meddle and tell them that you are the only person giving requests about the wedding. If she is likely to try and cause chaos on the day by bossing people around, then give them the head's up on how to deal with her!

Do it yourself

If you can't solve your problems then you can either deal with it and put up with her momzilla moments or do it all yourself. If your family are helping you pay for the wedding then pushing your mother out of the planning process isn't really an option unless you can afford to pay for the wedding yourself. If you can do it yourself then show your mother that you're an independent adult, but still give her a part to play so she does't feel left out.


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