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Downright Dealbreakers - What Would Make You Cut The Cord?

We all know how it happens: you meet someone and you think they're "the one" - you spend a blissful few months, maybe even years together, and then one day you wake up and realize that, hang on, he really ain't The One. 

Sometimes, the realization comes slowly: but other times (usually after a couple of weeks, rather than months or years!) it happens all of a sudden, when he does something that just wakes you right up to the reality that he is not your Happily Ever After. 

Here are some of our relationship dealbreakers!

He has bad personal hygiene

In the first few weeks of young love, you can be head over heels with your new man - until you realize that he's been wearing those same briefs for about four days, and there's a worrying odour coming from within his sneakers. If he's reached adulthood without accepting the importance of regular washing (of both his body and his clothing), it's something to worry about.

He's taking a job overseas...

So your honey hasn't been having much luck getting the kind of work he wants at home - why wouldn't he go abroad? It's one thing to sit you down, tell you that he's got this new job offer and discuss what to do, together, but if he accepts blindly without looking back, you can pretty much take it that he's not thinking about you, or about your future as a couple. Find someone who'll take you into account in their plans.

He never has time for you

Ditto the guy who prioritizes hanging out with his boys, spending time with his family or working all the overtime he can get above spending time for you. Of course, we know he has financial and other obligations - but including you in his plans shouldn't be impossible. 

He cheated

There are certain circumstances in which forgiving a cheating partner is totally understandable - and the right decision for you, your relationship and your family! But early on? No way, José. Infidelity shows a distinct lack of thought and respect for you, his partner, and you know what they say: once a cheater...

He breaks up with you 

This seems like a serious no-brainer, but we know countless women who have fought for their honies, only to find themselves newly single, three years later. If he has doubts about you now, nothing you can say is going to change his mind. Move on.


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