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Fun in the Sun! Summer Wedding Ideas for Every Couple

Summer:  when every type of bloom known to man blossoms, when every color of the Skittles rainbow pops into glory, and when you and your sweetheart have set the date—what could be more fun than a summer wedding? Warm weather welcomes a time of relaxation, evokes childhood memories, and begs for longs days of enjoyment.  Keeping this in mind, here are some sweet suggestions for having a fun, laid-back, and elegant summertime wedding.

Take it outside

Summer calls to mind the sunshine and the outdoors, so if you can swing it, an outdoor wedding is ideal (unless you’re the kind to sweat bullets once it’s over 80 degrees Fahrenheit—stick to the AC).  Consider having the big day at or in a backyard, a park, the beach, lake, bay, river, marina or even on a boat! You could also have your wedding at a vineyard or an orchard. 

Each setting brings its own interpretation of summer, which makes the summertime a popular time of year to get married. Nautical themes can really play into a summer event, and a beach wedding can double as a destination wedding for you and a vacation wedding for your guests whereas a vineyard is the perfect spot for wine lovers and a backyard, park, or orchard can be the right location for a down-home, rustic wedding picnic.  Choose a spot that speaks to you and your fiancé’s personality and then summer it up!

Play with your food

Both raw foods and grilled foods mirror the highlights of the summer table, so no matter how low key or high-end you want your wedding to be, you can’t go wrong with serving up tomato salads made with local herbs, ‘maters, and ingredients, grilled steaks, chicken, and shrimp (or shish kebabs combining them!) or a high-class filet mignon sliders station! Don’t forget fresh sweet corn chowder, and loads of fresh fruit arranged and served with mint. Talk with your caterer to find out what kinds of local produce they can get their hands on and the best way to dress it up for your wedding.

For cocktail hour, have the bartenders serve up summer ales, hard lemonades, mojitos, your favorite flavor margarita or daiquiri (which can be made virgin-style) or iced mochas—yum!  Better yet, how about a milkshake station? That’s sure to be a hit with kids of all ages and a refreshing treat on a hot day (may be best served at dessert time or after the meal).

For your dessert hour: consider naked cakes, the newest trend, and choose flavors like lemon with a blackberry filling or strawberries and cream for a true summer treat.   For a touch of whimsy, hire the ice cream truck to park it at your reception and keep it stocked with your favorite treats, or else have a gelato bar with mix-ins.

Dress down or dress up

Summertime lets you bend the rules, so forgo traditional bridesmaids dresses and dress your girls in matching formal sundresses instead—floral prints are fun and can be worn again without looking screaming bridesmaid. Tea-length dresses are in order for everyone (or shorter if you prefer) since it’ll get hot and you’ll want to stay cool! Guys can wear anything from white tux jackets to seersucker suits to button-ups and bow-ties (let him choose, ladies). 

And for the bride herself? Wear fabric that can breathe and consider an updo to ward off the heat (and potential frizz).  A floral crown or wreath, a cute new trend that’s actually an old favorite, is making a comeback, so if that speaks to your inner flower child, don a ring of daisies (or what have you) instead of a veil.



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