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Get Crafting! Fun DIY ways to decorate your Wedding Venue

If you're a fan of arts and crafts you can save yourself some money in your wedding planning by using your skills. If you're less craft-minded, then you might have some friends or family who are willing to help out by creating decorations for your big day (what a perfect wedding gift!)

If your budget is limited you can get crafty and make lots of your decorations yourself. If you don't have the time to make much you can always add balloons as a cheap and simple space filler. Keeping it simple is key to making your own decorations - the more work you have to do, the longer it will take, and the more complicated the task the more mistakes you might make. 


We love something simple like clear jam jars decorated with a ribbon and filled with flowers. If you’re having a rustic or outdoor wedding they are the perfect addition to any table. Get friends and family to keep their old jam jars for you and then clean them thoroughly before the wedding. Make sure all the labels and glue is gone, but if you're having trouble you could always cover it up with ribbon or tissue paper. Use a simple color scheme of bright colors that will look beautiful against the clear glass. As well as jam jars, you can use soda or wine bottles, tin cans or old mis-match vases. Anything that can hold flowers is a possible decoration! 

Signs are an adorable way to decorate your venue. You can make simple one-word signs so your guests don’t get lost, or some fun little signs for tables that make for great photo opportunities. One of the easiest ways to have signs at your wedding is to use chalkboards. Chalkboard paint means you can turn almost anything into a fun place for your guests to write messages. The paint also comes in lots of different colors, so you could have boards that match your wedding theme.  

There’s nothing like the twinkle of candles, and tea lights are thankfully an inexpensive way to decorate a table. You can put them in jars and place them on tables or hang the jars outdoors to create some atmosphere after dark. They’re perfect for lighting paths and also lighting dark corners. As a centerpiece you could fill a large bowl with water and then put in floating candles, or you could have individual glasses with water and a floating candle in each one. To make it more interesting add petals or glitter to the water, or for the glasses add some colored glass stones or pebbles that match your theme. 

Pompoms are an adorable and relatively cheap way to decorate a room. You just have to be able (or have a volunteer who is able) to make them. There are lots of tutorials on YouTube that will show you exactly how to make pompoms, so you should be able to get the hang of it. Tissue paper pompoms are a hugely popular way to decorate weddings and bridal showers, and it’s easy to see why!


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