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Hands down - get those pinkies picture-perfect!

Chances are, as soon as your engagement is announced, you'll become hyper-aware of your hands. Everyone will be grabbing them to get a good look at that ring - and you'll probably post photos to Facebook and Instagram to share the fantastic news!

And when it comes to the actual wedding, your hands are really in the spotlight: holding the bouquet, signing the register, cutting the cake and showing off that shiny new wedding band!

So we'd argue that a good handcare regime is an essential part of your bridal beauty prep. Just a few simple steps will make sure your digits look darling as you walk down that aisle.

Wash 'n' go

We all know the importance of lotion, but did you know that your choice of handwash can be just as important? Invest in something a little more luxurious than regular soap: look out for gentle ingredients and naturally derived foaming agents that won't dry out your hands. Follow up with a nourishing handcream - we love Liz Earle's Orange Flower Hand Wash and matching lotion.

Many manis

Make time for a weekly manicure - go pro if you have the budget, or tend to your talons at home. A few tweaks to your regular routine can really make a difference. For example: after showering, try gently pushing back your cuticles with a clean towel or cloth.

Follow with a dose of cuticle oil - L'Occitane Shea Butter Nail & Cuticle Nourishing Oil ($18) is amazing. Want a DIY option? Try using coconut or olive oil from the kitchen. Just be careful when you pour - while coconut oil is semi-solid, olive oil can end up all over the floor before you know it!

Double duty

Get into the habit of using nail growth and strengthening treatments while you're watching TV - Sally Hansen does an excellent range - and experiment with different colors and nail shapes to see what works best for you.

They are also launching a new gel nail range that means you can get a two week gel manicure at home! The polish which part polish and part gel manicure system can be done at home in two easy steps - just apply two coats of Miracle Gel Colour Coat followed by a Miracle Gel Top Coat. What could be simpler! Even better, you don't have to head to the salon to take it off, just use your normal nail polish remover!

Are you a square tips or squoval (squared-off oval) type of gal? What works best with the shape of your natural nail bed? Use this time to work out how you want your hands to look in your wedding photos - something that's not too high maintenance, and won't look dated in a couple of years. Stiletto nails? Probably best avoided!


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