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5 Honeymoon Headaches and How To Deal With Them

Your honeymoon is supposed to be a relaxing time after the madness of the wedding. But sometimes nothing seems simple -j ust planning the honeymoon can cause headaches, from deciding where to go to figuring out your budget. There are plenty of things that can cause stress. 

It’s important to make sure that both of you are happy with your trip of choice, and these five tips will help you on the road to honeymoon happiness.  

Decisions, decisions 

You’ve thought long and hard about where you want to go, but the sheer amount of choice is so confusing! After all the wedding-related decisions you have to make you probably feel like putting the honeymoon on the back burner – you’ve so much to do before you even get to making a decision! But the reality is that longer you leave it the harder it could be. Sit down and decide what you want from your honeymoon and where you will find it. Budget is another factor you’ll need to consider so write everything down and see what you can afford. Writing things down will help you see what you really want from your honeymoon and it will help you decide on your dream destination.

This or that?

He wants to ski and you want to sit by the beach – you want a bit of culture while he wants an all action break. How can you both have the perfect honeymoon? Well you could always opt for an extended honeymoon (aka a maximoon) and spend a week by the sea and then a week in the snow and make the journey from one to the other part of your honeymoon. Otherwise you could take two short breaks and do both! If your budget won’t stretch that far why not compromise with a city break. Paris is known as the city of love so this is a perfect excuse to plan your visit! 

What to do?

You have 10 days to fill with... well anything you can think of! There are sights to see, wines to taste, tours to do, places to visit and then the must try restaurants… the list is endless. You’ve probably splashed out on your trip so you want to see as much as you can in the time that you have. But one of the biggest mistakes couples make while on honeymoon is trying to do too much in the time they have. Avoid creating a stressful schedule of things you have to do on honeymoon and try to relax, enjoy the experience and spend some quality time together. Prioritize some things you want to do, the rest will happen if you have the time (or energy).

Research and more research

You’ve landed in paradise. The sun is shining and you can’t wait to hit the beach. But when you arrive at immigration they tell you that you don’t have a valid visa / need proof of vaccinations / don’t have the right paperwork! Before you go on your honeymoon you need to do plenty of research before you go. Is there any specific paperwork you need? Should you have some vaccinations before you go? Start early because some of these things can take time to organize – better to be safe than sorry!

Funds fail

Your wedding has cleared out your account so you can’t stretch to your dream honeymoon. It sucks, but there’s no point getting into debt for the sake of a holiday. Instead of feeling blue you could do the honeymoon thing at home. Be tourists in your own town or area and pay a visit to some spots you have never had time to visit. You could also do a tour of all the romantic places you’ve been to during your relationship. Get creative and you could have a romantic honeymoon on your own doorstep!



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