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How To... Deal With Bad Bridesmaids

You have chosen some of your favourite gal pals as your bridesmaids, and while you might be best buddies in every day life, once they have the title of bridesmaid they can become someone you don't recognise. People often talk about bridezillas, but what if it's your bridesmaids that go bad and become wedding monsters? We have four types of bad bridesmaids and try to help you tame them.

The diva

You thought the wedding was all about the bride, but this bridesmaid has different ideas! She wants the fittings to work with her schedule and she's turned her nose up at your dress ideas. She's late, complains and isn't willing to compromise – you have a diva on your hands! So what can you do? It's better to confront the issue and talk about what's bothering her. Sit her down and ask if there is something bothering her and if you can come to a compromise. Sometimes just talking can calm down a diva.

The absentee

You need your bridesmaids to be supportive, and offer you support and encouragement, much like you would expect from your friends. The absentee bridesmaid isn't there for you when you need her and seems to be a bad friend during your wedding planning. Take her aside and see if everything is OK. Her mind might be on problems you don't know about that mean she can't give you everything you need. There's also the case that she might not know she's being a bad bridesmaid, so a quick chat could sort out any issues.

The newbie

She has never been a bridesmaid and doesn't know the deal. She thinks being a bridesmaid is about showing up on the big day and hasn't realised what's actually involved in being a bridesmaid, from the fittings to organising pre-wedding celebrations. But don't lose your cool with the newbie, we all have to start somewhere. The easiest thing to do is to ask another bridesmaid to guide her through the process and help out where needed.

The enemies

Have two of your bridesmaids a rivalry that they can't get past? It's sometimes the case that you have two friends you want as bridesmaids who don't like each other. Tough! They can suck it up and deal with it for you. You can make things easier by giving them separate things to do, and perhaps team them up with another bridesmaid (if you have any). If they love you they will get past their issues and come together for a day you will never forget!


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