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How to Hashtag Your Wedding #JustMarried

(Wooden wedding hashtag sign by The Paper Walrus) 

Social media is a perfect way to share all of your wedding photos. Forget about creating your own wedding website. (Who has time for that with everything else that needs to be done before the big day?) Let your friends and family share their own memories on sites that everyone already uses. Create a wedding hashtag that will make all of your photos and updates easy to find on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. 

Step One: Create a Great Wedding Hashtag

The most important aspect of creating a good hashtag is to find something that is unique. If you use the hashtag #JohnJaneWedding, you are probably going to have your wedding pics lost in a mess of photos and updates from other couples. Check your hashtag twice before you send out invitations and make it official. 

Avoid hashtags that use a date because they are likely to be used by other couples and, frankly, it’ll be hard for your family and friends to remember it. Your anniversary is a special date for you but your old college friends might have a hard time remembering if it’s the 4th or 5th

If you’re stuck for ideas for your hashtag, wipe out the thesaurus. Look beyond the “wedding” hashtag and try tags like #hitched, #HappilyEverAfter, #forever, and #newlyweds.

(Hashtag sign by The Lion + The Lark)

Make It Memorable 

The best wedding hashtag is memorable yet unique so look for a balance. If you make it too unique or long, it’ll be hard for people to remember. If you can swing it, go for something funny because it’ll stick with your guests for longer. 

Always stay away from abbreviations. Unless it’s something very obvious and clear like #Jake Maria NYC, people will have a hard time remembering what the abbreviations stand for. Don’t assume everyone remembers your middle initial or that they’ll be able to recall an entire phrase. 

Spread the Word 

It’s important to let guests know how to use your hashtag. Sending out a standard invite with a hashtag on the bottom isn’t really clear. In fact, people might just think that you’re trying to be cute and the whole thing could be lost on them. 

Add your hashtag to your very first Save The Date. Include the wedding hashtag on all of your social media updates and engagement pics. It’s important to choose your hashtag early so that your friends and family can follow your journey to the alter. Use the hashtag on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for every event from your engagement celebration to the big day. 

There are some great resources for hashtagging your wedding. The more often that you remind people, the more likely that they are to use your wedding hashtag.  

(Chalkboard sign by Breetique)

Work with Everyone 

Some people aren’t going to use your hashtag. If your 90-year-old grandma wants to take old fashioned pics, let her. And make sure those photos don’t get lost! Scan the pictures for her and add them to the collection. If you’re too busy with thank-you cards, ask another relative to be in charge of scanning, uploading and hashtagging photos.

Since anyone will be able to use your wedding hashtag, ask your friends to post responsibly. You don’t necessarily want every guest to be able to see your BFF’s pics of your bachelorette party... what happens at the party, stays at the party!   




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