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The Green Wedding: 10 Ways to Save the Date and the Planet

We all know how important it is to be kind to the environment, and the growth of the eco-friendly movement has meant that couples are thinking green when they get married. The vintage and rustic trends are perfect examples - reusing old items and repurposing every day items for a wedding is not only kind to the environment, it's budget friendly too!

If you live an eco-conscious lifestyle, then you probably want your wedding to be a reflection of the way you live. There are lots of easy ways to plan an eco wedding.

Whether you're an eco-warrior or just make sure you recycle, it's important to be conscious of how we can help be more environmentally aware and change our habits for the better. Your wedding day should be no different, so here are 10 ways to make your big day a little more eco-friendly. 

Buy local

Find a caterer who specializes in local (and if possible organic food). When picking someone to produce high quality food for your big day, it's important to source where the food comes. You should know from how far it has travelled and if the foods is organically produced or otherwise. Remember if it is good for you it is good for the environment! 

Go natural

Beauty alternatives that are made organically can keep your skin looking flawless while creating the perfect look for your style. Eco-friendly products are free from micro-beads, parabens and other harmful chemicals, resulting in natural, beautiful results which is what any bride deserves on her wedding day! You can create your own products - and we have some simple ways you can make natural treatments or your hair and for your skin.

Paper friendly

Have your wedding stationery like invitations, ceremony booklets, menus and all paper goods printed on recycled paper.  Many companies now use paper that has been recycled. It gives a vintage effect and is a nice way to save trees that potentially could be cut down to notify all your wedding guests of the forthcoming nuptials. 

Go paper-free

Ask people to RSVP by email or phone or make your invitations 100 per cent virtual!  Save your guests the cost of postage and effort by ensuring that they RSVP by email or text. They will thank you for it and it might give you a quicker response so you will know how many will be attending. 

Use living flowers

Why not use living plants to decorate the venue and tables instead of cut flowers! Cut flowers may look nice but they are often discarded once the wedding is over. It can be nice to save some petals from the wedding bouquet by pressing them in books as a keepsakes, but living plants make beautiful arrangements in venues and they can be brought home to be planted and blossom long after the big day.  

Green confetti

Go green by organizing eco-friendly confetti! We love butterflies made of rice paper that come in lots of different colors to match your theme. We think they look stunning dotting a lawn - like dozens of butterflies all landed at once! Biodegradable rice or birdseed are other options - just imagine all those pretty brids having a feast thanks to your guests. 

Something old made new 

Having something old but new to you is in trend for brides-to-be. Many brides who have worn a wedding dress on their big day never wear it again. There are numerous ideas for reusing dresses and making them usable after the wedding day, be it dying them a different color or simply shortening them. Donating your dress or purchasing it from a thrift shop or charity shop is also a great way to help the environment and to save money. 

Minimise transport

If your friends and family live close enough to each other, then it's nice to have them all travel together to the wedding. Hiring a bus saves them all the stress of travel and can allow them to really enjoy the day and the get to know each other. This will also help the environment by cutting down on the emissions that could be created by individual modes of transport.   

Eco-friendly registry 

There's now an eco-friendly option for just about everything you might normally think to register for. Pay close attention to where items are made and what materials are sourced. Consider items like organic bedding, cloth shopping bags, reusable bamboo plates and natural kitchen and bath products. If you feel really passionate about being eco friendly you might want to consider asking for a charitable donation to go towards a green organization of your choice. 

Green favors

Make your favors eco-friendly and carry on your love of the environment long after your big day. Wedding favors are a great way to add a bit of personality to your wedding, and if you have an eco friendly theme you want favors that tie in with the theme. Check out these 10-eco friendly favor ideas.



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