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How to... Keep Your Wedding Costs Under Control

You don't need us to tell you that weddings are expensive! You'll know just from have a glance at some brochures that anything to do with a wedding doesn't come cheap.

To stop your wedding costs under control you need to act fast and early and work out exactly what you can spend on your big day. Not only do you have to consider the big costs like the venue and catering – there are lots of little costs that can add up to a big budget headache.

We have a few simple ways you can keep your wedding budget under control.

Make a budget (and stick to it!)

Before you look at anything to do with the wedding, you should sit down with your partner and think about areas you can cut costs together. When you know how much you have to spend, you are less likely to splurge and watch your budget spiral out of control.

Look for hidden costs

Don't forget to consider those small wedding details that can swallow up what's left of your budget. Think about things like how you will be shuttling guests to and from the venue, how much you plan to spend on wedding stationery, any insurance costs you might have to pay and details like who is covering the cost of the rehearsal dinner. Even small amounts of spending can snowball into large wedding costs you didn't plan. When it comes to your wedding budget, always put some money aside for something unexpected!

Find ways to save

Once your budget is done you can take a look at areas where you can save. Ask for discounts wherever possible and manage your costs. When shopping you should shop around before you commit to a vendor. Find out how much the averages price the item you want retails at - you might find the same thing elsewhere for less. Don't forget to check reviews, because something that can save money in the short-term could end up costing more if the item is sub-standard or poor quality.

Don't borrow money

You don't need to borrow money to have the perfect day! Have the wedding you can afford, whether that is a small intimate affair, a DIY style wedding or a no-frills family reception. Just because your wedding isn't in a five-star hotel it doesn't mean you won't have a wonderful day. If you do borrow money for your big day you might regret it in the long-term when you're still paying off those fancy centerpieces and champagne long after the hangover has passed.


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