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5 Old School Ways to Plan Your Wedding

There are so many apps and websites online filling you with creative ideas about creating the perfect wedding look. While they are all really useful in getting your creative juices flowing, they also limit your ability to make decisions- too much choice isn't always helpful. When you are planning a wedding using old school methods can help you focus more and allow for the ideas you have seen online to shine through.

The phone directory  

Yes you heard us correctly. Before 'googling hairdressers in your area' became a thing, phone directories existed. So go dust off your local one.They may be considered a retro idea but they are one of the best ways to find phone numbers for numerous businesses and people in your locality. It will narrow down your search for services that are closer to your wedding venue and allow for you to find amazing businesses that may not have caught up with the 21st century technological changes. Sometimes the best things are kept secret, so go and investigate.

Your diary  

Organization is key. Even the best brides know that keeping a plan is crucial for avoiding unnecessary, last minute panic. Why not invest in a Filofax or diary. They may be a little bit bulkier in your handbag but they can also be a valuble way of documenting thoughts when on the go. Granted there is no 'cloud' that will save all your contents should you misplace it, but it is nice to get a pen to paper again and put some thought into every entry. It will also be a nice keepsake to pass down to your children in years to come.


So you have heard of pinning on Pinterest well shock horror, Pinterest stole this idea from the old fashioned noticeboards filled with themes that fashion designers lived by. Seeing color first hand and touching materials can help create a real sense of how your wedding will look on the big day. Its easy to get rid of things that may not suit your wedding day fantasies and it can be helpful in showing your partner what you had in mind. Corkboards are cheap and most importantly, can be transformed in the future as a notice board for you and your partner to note important events or images. 

Magazines and books 

As you are probably aware bridal magazines are one of the most influential ways for brides-to-be to get ideas about what's in style and what isn't. Pulling out the pages that resonate with what you want is a great way of releasing stress and can help a designer see exactly what your vision should look like. They arent able to read your mind so get reading and show them instead! Writing vows that mean something can often be one of the hardest tasks for any couple to do.  Having the ability to speak in romantic language may not be your forte- thankfully many an author has composed great words to express your wedding day feelings  Penguin's Poems for Weddings (Penguin) is a particularly nice way of getting advice from the the likes of Shakespeare, Keats and Yeats.  

Wedding photographs

Trends may come and go, but style will always remain. Going through old images of your parents, grandparents or even distant family weddings can inspire you to come up with quirky ways of bringing the beauty of the past into the present. Many styles from weddings during the 50s 60s 70s and 80s are focused on glamour, practicality and have modest hemlines. These can look great on all sizes and shapes regardless of the person in the photo. Do try to avoid the dodgy hairstyles of the past though, some trends  belong in the past and really shouldn’t ever surface again! You have been warned! 


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