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Give Thanks! The Ultimate Guide to Writing Thank You Notes

Writing thank you notes is an art form most of us have practiced since we learned how to write. Who can forget the joy of opening birthday presents, then writing a card to whoever gave you the gift to show your gratitude?

Thankfully, all those cards penned over the years provided good groundwork for the largest amount of thank you cards you will ever have to write – those you will send after your wedding. Here are a few helpful hints to make writing your notes to your friends and family as effortless as possible.

Be organised

Avoid the stress of figuring out who sent what by making a note of the name and gift as you open your wedding presents. This simple method will avoid hours of torment as you try to figure out which distant relative sent you that set of china, or those his-and-hers aprons.

Make it personal

Referring to your guests by name and mentioning the gift they gave you is a detail that many overlook. Instead of writing a similar note to everyone, say how much you love that cappuccino machine, or that you will really enjoy the holiday they contributed towards. You might not think that these things matter, but whoever attended your wedding will appreciate the thought.

Be enthusiastic

Every gift might not be exactly what you wanted or had hoped for, but thought still went into choosing it. Appreciate the gesture made by your guest to present you with a gift on your wedding day. By no means should you ever mention if you are planning to return the gift or if you don’t like it – spare their feelings and make it known that you value both their attendance and their gift.

Don’t email or use generic messages

Many wedding registry services include the option of sending a thank you note through the service – by all means take advantage of this, but never let it take the place of a handwritten thank-you card, which you should also send. Think of how you would feel if you spent time and money buying a gift for someone you love, only to receive an automated thank you via email. Exactly – write the note!

Pace yourself

It’s understandable that most brides would like to do all their thank-you cards at once, and never have to think about them again. But a way of making the task more manageable is to write notes as gifts arrive, which may even be before the wedding itself. That way, you avoid coming home from your honeymoon with such a huge task hanging over your head.

Choose cards before the wedding

Don’t add stress to writing thank-you cards by waiting to purchase them at the last minute. Having your cards already purchased will make the experience more pleasant, especially if you have purchased cards that reflect you and your new husband, or that are embossed with your married name. Don’t pick a card just because it was the first one you saw, choose one that you will be proud to see displayed in the homes of friends and family.

Handwrite your cards

It might be easier to sit at a computer and type out the details, but do you really want your guests to open a card that has been typed? As mentioned before, the personal touch is really appreciated, and typed cards as well as sloppy writing or misspelt words will show a lack of effort and appreciation. Show your guests the same respect that they showed you in sharing your special day.

Thank everyone

Who should receive a note to say thank you? Everyone – yes, everyone. Even if you did not receive a gift from the guest, whoever attended your wedding should be thanked in a heartfelt message. Brides should also send a message to those who couldn’t attend and sent a present, because even if they were not at the wedding, they still took the time to choose a gift for you on your big day. 


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