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Our top flash mob proposals #TBT

Let's get one thing straight: we at Dreamwedding are purists when it comes to flash mobs - and even more stringent when it comes to flash mob proposals. Let's go back to school for one second, and see what the big bad internet says defines a flash mob: "A large public gathering at which people perform an unusual or seemingly random act and then disperse, typically organized by means of the internet or social media." So, a little like this:


Our love of this London, England flash mob is slightly dampened by the fact that it's an ad, but it's still incredible; the look of shock on people's faces is worth watching it over and over! (Much like the look on Cam's face when Mitchell joins in a flash mob on Modern Family.)

It was only a matter of time, really, before people started using flash mobs as creative and exciting ways to propose - so we thought for this week's #TBT (that's #throwback Thursday, the day when Kim Kardashian's Instagram is always worth checking out for cringey 1980s family photos!) we'd highlight a few of our favorites.


So Isaac's live lip dup proposal barely fits into the definition, given that this is not really a "seemingly" random act - it is, in fact, totally and utterly random, and his girlfriend Amy's face really shows just how surprised she was by it all! (She's obviously a born performer, too; check out her graduation "speech".)


Bruno Mars has a lot to answer for, really - here's Jamin proposing to Val in a serious flash mob at the most magical place on earth. We love what a seriously good dancer he is - although we kept shouting at Val to take her sunglasses off: we wanna see your face!


This Pittsburgh proposal is super-sweet because the actual proposal segment is such a surprise, even after all of that wild dancing! (We got tired just watching.) Does anyone else get major anxiety at the moment of truth, as if the girl is just gonna go, "nah I don't think so"?


Last, but by no means least, we absolutely love this New York proposal - it's so super sweet that he brought all of her friends and family along to witness the happy moment! It was pretty clear from how excited Allison was when she realized what was happening that saying no was not gonna be an option!

Ultimately, we're kinda sad that flash mobs are over - and, like Cam, we'd love to see one happen right in front of us! Vive la flash mob!


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