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5 Ways to Personalise Your Wedding Ceremony

Your wedding ceremony is the biggest and most important part of the day, and you want it to be as special as you can make it. Making it meaningful and personal to you is one way to make it special, so why not make your ceremony your own!

Your Program

If you are having a program or an order of ceremony then it's the perfect opportunity to add your own personal touch to your day. You can add some photographs from your relationship, some stories from your happiest moments or facts people might not know about you like when you had your first kiss. You can also add personal notes to your guests or even make personal programs for each of your guests.

Your vows

If you have the option of personalising your vows then it's the perfect way to make your ceremony your own! While the idea of writing your own vows might seem slightly daunting there is lots of advice out there. The main thing to remember is to write what matters to you and the reasons why you love each other. In some cases you will have to let your officiant see your vows before the big day, but generally you can make them as serious or as humorous as you like – although you might want to keep it clean to spare any blushes. Your vows are the perfect opportunity share how much you love each other in front of the people you love.

Make your wedding ceremony your own with these personal touches!

Your music

Wagner's Bridal Chorus (also known as Here Comes the Bride) is the traditional choice for a wedding, but you can choose something that's more personal to you. Get creative and consider instrumental versions of your favourite pop or rock songs, or even have someone playing your song on the bagpipes. As long as your venue allow it then you can be as creative as you want!

Your rings

If you have a pageboy or flower girl who are looking after your rings for you, then you can add a personal touch with the the ring pillow. You could have an photo printed on the pillow, have a special message embroidered onto it or include a personal memento. You could use something other than a pillow like a faux bird's nest, a basket or dish. There are lots of other ways to have your rings presented, some couples have their beloved pet deliver the rings, or even flown in by owl (although that can go wrong), or there are some couples who like to add some drama to their ceremony. Get creative and think outside the box.

Your decorations

You can personalise your venue with your own décor, from your flowers to your lighting. You can personalise your aisle with petals for a romantic touch, whether you scatter them or create beautiful patterns that lead your way up to your beloved. Flower archers are another way to add a personal touch, or you can pay homage to your heritage with pictures of you or your family from the past. Another great way to add a personal touch is to set the mood with lighting. Chandeliers, fairy lights, votives, paper lanterns or candles can add a romantic touch, especially in dark venues. Visit your venue and speak to your coordinator about what might work in the room.


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