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5 Top Wedding Planning Tips for the Groom

Brides are often seen as the ones who take charge when it comes to wedding planning, but it's a groom's big day too! The stereotype of the apathetic groom seems to be dying out as men step up and take an equal role in wedding planning. If you're one of those men (or you know one) take note of these five essential tips.

List what you need to do

Some grooms have a tendency to leave things until the last minute, but if you can get organised early then it will cause a lot less stress in the long-term. Take responsibility for some planning tasks and make a note of things you need to organise (some you might not realise are a groom's duty). Choose, manage and take responsibility of your groomsmen - from making sure they are suited and booted to knowing what they have to do on the wedding day. Write a list of everything you need to do an give yourself a deadline, you'll be glad you did in those last few days before the wedding!

Budget for everything

If there's anything certain to cause stress, it's money. So creating a budget is essential when planning a wedding. Consider what you have to spend and what kind of day you want - there's not point overspending and getting yourselves into debt. Have a working budget that you update as you make purchases so you can keep track of what you are spending.

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Make yourself available

While you might not be able to take time off work for planning (you need to save your holidays for the honeymoon), you can keep your weekends free for meetings with vendors and visiting potential venues. Be involved in the critical decisions about the wedding and you will enjoy the planning process a whole lot more. These days you can find wedding vendors from the comfort of your own home, so plan time to look at what is available near you. There are brides who want to take control of all decisions, but even they would appreciate their groom to be with them when they make a big decision.

Don't go with the flow

This is as much your day as it is the bride's, so if you want something included or don't like an idea then speak up! Think about ways you can celebrate your heritage or get the people who mean the most to you involved in your day. By having an opinion you're not only making the wedding more personal you are also supporting your fiancé because she'll know she's not alone in the planning process.

Support the bride

While it sounds like a no-brainer, supporting the bride is actually one of the most meaningful things you can do when planning a wedding. If she's working on some DIY touches with her bridesmaids, you might not be able to pitch in but you can make sure they have refreshments. You can help diffuse any wedding stress or tense situations just by listening and being supportive, and perhaps even watching 'Say Yes to the Dress' together.

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