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The Professional Beauty Tips Every Bride Should Know

Wedding planning is stressful, and stress can show itself everywhere from your hair to your skin. But when you've had the same beauty regime for years it's hard to change. Getting married is the perfect time to take a look at the way you take care of yourself so you are at your most beautiful on your wedding day.

We have picked the brains of the top professionals in the beauty industry to find out what beauty tips you need to know. From changing your skincare routine to getting more sleep, these tips are just some of the small changes you can make that will make a big difference on your wedding day!

"Massaging your products into the skin is important as it enables the product to be absorbed at its best on the skin surface. This doesn't have to take long; it's just a different way to look at your skincare routine. Instead of blobbing on your moisturiser and joining up the dots of cream, be more conscious about your skin and how you are applying products to it. Use the fingertips to smooth the skin from the centre of your face outward to work the product into your skin. Even a couple of minutes massage in the morning and at night will equate to a whole facial by the end of the week." Global Olay Ambassador and Celebrity Facialist, Anastasia Achilleos.

"Brow maintenance is a key part of any bridal preparation. If I could turn back time, I would never have waxed my eyebrows when I was younger, they never grew back properly and now I encourage my clients to avoid waxing and stick to the more precise and gentle technique of threading. Beautiful eyes require loving attention. Threading follows the natural shape of the brow and creates definition helping your eyes to take centre stage on your big day. To get the perfect shape, I would advise brides to start getting their brows threaded from six months out from their big day." Owner of Elysian Brows & Beauty, Libby Murray.

“Every bride should make the most of her beauty sleep. Your skin is much more receptive to active ingredients at night as active ingredients are less effective when exposed to sunlight. Active ingredients also they have to compete with other products you apply, like sunscreen and makeup, during the day. Use those eight hours (hopefully!) to the max by applying a product specially formulated to work during the night, like REN's Wake Wonderful Night Time Serum." REN Global Ambassador, David Delport

"Brides should work with their skin not against it. Be careful with introducing any kind of peel too soon before the big day. With regards to tips for an effective skincare routine we see a common mistake is the thinking that a thick moisturiser will give them greater moisturisation - it can overload the skin and lead to congestion with a build up of telltale congestion bumps. Forgo the thick goo for a good serum and learn to layer products effectively. Last but not least always patch test new products and learn to build up a picture of what suits you and what doesn't." KinvaraSkincare Founder, Joanne Reilly.

“It's important to fully cleanse your face before going to bed, as make-up, skin lipids and dust can clog the tiny hair follicles and oil glands, allowing bacteria to build up and cause inflammation. Using a dedicated eye cleanser, such as the NIVEA Daily Essentials Double Effect Eye Make-Up Remover will help ensure that all traces of make up (even stubborn mascara) are removed and the eye area is fully cleansed." Head of NIVEA Face Care Lab, Jessica Schaëfer.

"I would recommend the use of an exfoliator twice a week to remove excess dead skin cells and refine the skin's texture. For example the Gommage Eclat Parfait will nourish the skin whilst keeping it soft and smooth. Regular exfoliation will help to keep the complexion clear, more luminous and products applied after, such as masks and moisturisers, will display better results." Guinot Trainer, Nicola Jones.

“For brides who want to look after their hair one tip is to bathe the hair in essential oils while she sleeps once a week for one month before the big day. Massage the oils like Green Angel Argan Body Oil into the hair and leave on overnight. This is a luxurious treatment and helps to combat damage done through dyes and chemical treatments. It also helps to boost and revitalise dull looking hair, providing nutrients and nourishment" Green Angel Founder, Mary Mitchell.

"There is no need to overload your skin with product after product. Some ingredients can irritate the skin, it is best to keep your skin regime simple and as natural as possible. Also, when you exercise the tiny arteries in your skin open up, allowing more blood to reach the skin's surface and deliver nutrients that repair damage from the sun and environmental pollutants. These nutrients also help to increase the skin's collagen production making you look younger and your skin look brighter." Human+Kind Director and Founder, Jeroen Proos


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