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Relationship Milestones every Couple will face Before Marriage

Being in a relationship is great, but not every relationship lasts, so when you overcome milestones you know you’ve got something good. 

There’s no strict timeline every relationship should follow, but there are milestones ever couple has to face. We take a look at those moments that will take your relationship to the next level.

Shouting about it

First thing’s first, the first milestone in your relationship is when you make it official. You’ve done the dates and you’re crazy about each other, so you have ‘the chat’. You both agree that you’re in a relationship so you can finally update your relationship status on Facebook and tell the girls about the new man in your world. Life is sweet!

Saying “I love you”

You are still dating but everyone knows you are exclusive now. Then comes the moment one of you says the L word. Research has found that most couples say “I love you” after an average of 14 dates, but it can take longer to feel comfortable saying it. But, it’s a milestone you’ll never forget – get ready for the butterflies in your stomach. 

Your first vacation 

You’re officially a couple and refer to each other as girlfriend and boyfriend (or any cute names you have for each other).  Now you’re going further than dates and occasional sleepovers to spending some serious together by going on vacation. Whether it's a week or a few days you'll really get to know each other’s quirks and habits.

Meeting the family

You’ve been together for almost a year and things are getting serious. There isn’t a rule about when you should meet the parents, but it’s given that this is a big deal so you have to be totally committed to each other. Sometimes you might not meet them until you’re ready to get engaged. Just make sure you’re both ready before you tick this milestone off the list.

Your first argument

You’re not always going to see eye to eye, so that first argument is bound to happen. It might be an all-out blazing argument or a stubborn disagreement where neither of you will back down. But the main thing is that you work though it and come out stronger than ever.

Moving in together

This is when you know you’re on the same page because moving in together is the first step to spending the rest of your lives together. The moving in milestone is one every couple tackles differently - some wait until they’re engaged while others jump straight in early on in the relationship.  But this is when you’ll really get to know each other – warts and all!

Getting engaged

One of the most exciting milestones is when your true love gets down on one knee and asks you to spend the rest of your life with them. However he proposes, enjoy the moment and only say “Yes” if you’re sure it’s what you want to do. 



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