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RELAX! Make sure you enjoy your day with our top tips

The biggest day of your life shouldn't be filled with achy muscles, exhaustion and chronic hunger. For all too many brides, though, the endless social obligations and constant errand-running means they're too exhausted to even cuddle with their honey after the wedding. You deserve to enjoy the day you've spent so long planning. Here's  how to avoid the chaos, sit back, relax, and enjoy! 

Eat (then eat some more!)

It can't be over-emphasized: you cannot get through your wedding day without eating plenty of food. Ditch the diet worries and take time every two to three hours to eat healthy food. If you don't feel hungry, try an avocado and banana smoothie for fast energy and a healthy source of calories. Remember that, as you rush around in the morning,  it's easy to ignore hunger. But when things slow down and you walk down the aisle, the only thing you want overwhelming you is your emotions! Prioritize getting a healthy meal above all else, and your wedding is virtually guaranteed to go off without a hitch (difficult in-laws notwithstanding!).

Choose the right shoes

Sure, those platform heels look great in the box, but are they really going to make your wedding day better? If you fall in love with uncomfortable shoes, add some cushioning insoles to prevent them destroying your back. And don't forget to take a back-up pair! Switch to these as soon as you feel tired, every time you sit down, and when you're not taking photos. Your legs will thank you and your groom will be grateful that you're able to dance the night away without limping. And don't forget to check out our guide to choosing your shoes!

Schedule extra time

A surefire recipe for getting overwhelmed is scheduling no time for yourself. Get up early on your wedding day and take a few moments to yourself. Every few hours, request a little time alone to reflect and gather your thoughts. You only get one wedding day, and you deserve the chance to savor each and every spectacular memory. 

Get some privacy

Ultimately, your wedding is about you and your beloved. Take a few minutes to spend time together. A first look photoshoot is a great way to accomplish this because it gives you an excuse to be totally alone. After the ceremony, sneak away to spend another few minutes together. These quiet moments may end up being your most cherished memories, and they give you a chance to escape the wedding-day demands.

Draw clear boundaries

You deserve to be comfortable on your wedding day, and that can mean drawing boundaries if you have to. If someone insists on following you around, talking to you about something you don't want to discuss, or commenting on your eating habits, politely excuse yourself. This is your day, and you're entitled to enjoy it and spend it the way you want to!


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