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Runaway Bride! 5 Best Reasons to Elope

Want the secret to happily ever after? Have a cheap wedding! A recent study found that couples who spent more than $20,000 on their wedding were 3.5 times more likely to divorce. The pairs with the best odds of staying together spent under $1,000 on the whole shabang. 

It’s not all about money though. While having a special day is important, your future together is even more important. Couples who focus less on having a massive celebration and more on their future together are more likely to go the distance. 

Ready to ditch your priceless princess wedding theme? Here are five reasons you should elope. 

It’s all about you 

It’s your big day so why not make it about all about you? Forget about accommodating feuding relatives, vegan diets and screaming babies. Have exactly what you want on your wedding day with zero compromises. While you’ll still have to agree as a couple, that’s a whole lot easier than trying to please 200 guests. Have a destination wedding or just run to the courthouse then blow some cash on a honeymoon. Do whatever makes you happy!  

Save you money

Sure, your wedding day is incredibly important but your future together is even more important. Do you really want to spend two month’s rent on one dinner? Think about putting money toward your future home or your kids’ college fund. 

Create real, meaningful memories 

Far too many brides end up rushing around the entire day to make sure that every second of their big day is perfect. All of rehearsing and planning creates major stress and you can wind up feeling like you’re part of some elaborate production. Why not forget about all of that and focus on just enjoying yourself? Don’t worry about rushing around to mingle with every single person who shows up. Sit down, relax, forget about the small talk and start having fun. Don’t forget that you can still have a post-wedding party. It just doesn’t need to be pricey, formal affair. 

Ditch the bridezilla

Wedding planning is stressful. Incredibly stressful. Some brides spend more than a year agonizing over every detail… but why? It really is okay not to care! If a big wedding isn’t your style, forget about it. It’s not a requirement and it doesn’t make your union any less special. Do you! If you couldn’t care less about deciding between teal and emerald napkins or debating on hydrangeas versus roses, then don’t waste your time thinking about it. 

Forget about meltdowns

After all of that stress, preparation and cash, you are going to want your wedding day to be perfect. The problem with inviting everyone you know to a lavish affair is that a lot can go wrong. Maybe the photograph is a hack. Maybe your aunt has had one drink too many. Maybe your location has gotten rained out. Everyone deals with those sorts of things differently. If you’re something of a perfectionist and prone to stressing over things like that, don’t put yourself through it! Your wedding is all about you so plan a day that you know you’ll enjoy! 



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