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10 Ways to Stay Stress-Free While Planning a Wedding

Banish your wedding planning stress and anxiety with these stress-busting ideas!

Wedding planning should be fun, but every married couple will admit that they experienced some stress when planning their big day.

This super-special event in your life is bound to bring with it some moments of anxiety, panic and even terror. But you might find your usual stress-busting deep breaths might not do the trick - so you need to try a different approach to make sure you are stress-free.

You can deal with your stress effectively, just try one of these stress-busting ideas!

Play some calming music

Create a playlist of music that helps you de-stress. Whenever you feel stress building up inside you, stick on your music and dance the stress away.

Learn to meditate

Putting five minutes aside to meditate can give you a fresh perspective on things. Clear your mind and focus on your breathing, it will help keep you calm and relax your body.

Do some exercise

If you haven't signed up for a pre-wedding fitness regime, you should try get some form of exercise when you are wedding planning. Even if it's just a walk, it can clear your mind, combat stress and boost your enthusiasm.

Visit friends

They say a problem shared is a problem halved. Spending time with friends and family can prove de-stressing. Having a quick lunch may provide all the stress relief you need.

Have a laugh

Laughter is the best medicine, so watch your favourite comedy show, find some funny videos online or just have a giggle. Laughter can help you relax and feel less anxious about your big day!

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Write a list

Lists are a great way to reduce your wedding planning stress. Write a daily list of things you need to do and tick off things you have done. You will feel a boost when you see how much you have achieved!

Put down your phone

You probably spend your working day using technology, so when you get home put down the phone / iPad / laptop and have a digital detox. Spend time reading or just relaxing until you feel ready for more wedding planning.

Have a massage

If you're finding it hard to switch off you should spend some time pampering yourself. Having a massage is a great way to relieve stress, and it can heal and rejuvenate your body as well as giving you some much-needed energy.

Get some sleep

When your mind is racing it can be hard to sleep. Try and get seven to eight hours sleep a night and stick to a sleep schedule, even at the weekend. If you are finding it hard to sleep you can add try a relaxing bedtime ritual and make your bedroom more sleep-friendly.

Ask for advice

One way to combat fears about your wedding is to ask your friends who are already married for advice. Ask them about their planning challenges and what their wedding planning tips would be. You might be surprised by their answers!


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