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10 Wedding Traditions you can Ditch or Twist

Weddings and wedding traditions are always changing! Some traditional elements will always remain but it is okay to twist a few things. So whether you want a modern wedding breaking all the traditions or you just want to pick an choose the traditions you like, your wedding is all about you so don't be afraid to say goodbye to some of the traditions you aren't too keen on, or you can even make new traditions! Check out these traditions that you may decide to twist or drop altogether!

Wearing white

It is no longer necessary to wear a traditional full-length white dress for your wedding and more and more brides are getting colourful with their dress choice! From champagne pink to bright red the choice is yours.

Throwing the bouquet

The chances are you have put a lot of thought into your wedding bouquet and the thoughts of tossing it over your head may seem a little silly. It is no longer necessary to throw your bouquet and many brides are now opting to use it as a decoration on the top table.

The three-tier traditional cake

It is traditional wedding etiquette for the bride and groom to cut the cake at the wedding reception, but many couples are now opting to ditch the traditional three-tier cake for a more modern touch. You can have a desert buffet or an array of cupcakes instead of a cake. If you want the cake cutting pictures then you can have a small wedding cake and have all the photographs without the wasted expense.

Invite return

We are constantly asked: "If someone invites me to their wedding, do I have to invite them to mine?" This is a grey area but it is totally up to you. You are not required to invite everyone. The main thing to keep in mind is your budget. It is impossible to please everyone. It is a good idea to sit down as a couple and decide on your guest list and then stick to it.

Do I need a wedding planner?

Some brides and grooms are opting to plan their own big day and get creative while doing so. With creative sites like Etsy and Pinterest the task of planning a wedding is becoming easier and so getting creative and draw inspiration from websites like Dreamwedding. But there's still a lot to be said for having a wedding planner, especially if you are plannnng a wedding at short notice or don't have much free time. This one is up to you!

Can the groom see the bride in her dress before the ceremony?

For all the traditional brides and grooms out there this will be a big no, no! But more and more couples are kicking this superstitious tradition to the curb! A lot of couples like to get their photographs taking before the ceremony and photographers often advise this as the bride's hair and make-up are perfectly fresh! You can arrange a 'first look' destination and the first time you see each other will be a moment shared between you only. Plus you can join your guests at your reception at the same time!

Who speaks?

We will always want to keep the traditional wedding speeches but it is ok to decide who you would like to speak. If you want to do a speech then go for it! Why not add a chief bridesmaid speech as well as the traditional best man speech. This is your day so do what you want!

Rehearsal dinner

It was tradition to have a rehearsal dinner years ago and many couples still stick to this tradition but it is no longer a necessity. The point of a rehearsal dinner was traditionally for the bride's and groom's parents to meet as engagements were often very short and the couple did not live together before the wedding. However, this is mostly a thing of the past and so ditching the rehearsal dinner is totally acceptable.

Walking up the aisle

It is traditional that the bride's father walks her down the aisle but this is a tradition that not all brides stick to. You can chose to have anyone you like walk you down the aisle, from both your parents to a brother or you can walk freely by yourself. Or if you don't want all the fuss of walking down the aisle then you can ditch it altogether. Your groom will be waiting at the altar so why can't you! The choice is yours! Just make sure to sit down with your family and discuss your wishes to avoid anyone feeling hurt or offended.


A common phrase at a wedding ceremony is “Bride or Groom" - but this is so relevant in today's modern world. There is no need to have both families divided and mixing it up is totally acceptable for people to now pick a seat and nor a side. Anything goes!


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