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The 7 deadly wedding planning sins

Will you succumb to these seven deadly sins when planning your wedding?


Things not going your way? People not doing what their told? Avoid succumbing to extreme anger when planning your wedding because at best you will annoy a few people, while at worst you will alienate people and lose vendors. When you feel anger boiling up inside you then you should avoid acting on impulse. You might want to lash out, but take a minute and breathe – lashing out won't solve any problems or get you heard. Take a moment and think, if you have to walk away from the situation and deal with it when you have calmed down. Just don't let wrath get the better of you.


Have a vision of your dream day that you have to have? Don't get too greedy with your wedding vision because you could end up in serious debt. Make a budget and stick to it so you don't end up in serious debt that you could end up paying well into your married life. Another area where some couples get greedy is the wedding gifts. Not everyone can afford to buy you glitzy gifts, so don't get mad if someone doesn't spend big on you. It's the thought that counts and a super-duper gift won't make your wedding day better.


Apathy is a big sin when it comes to wedding planning, whether it's your own or your partner's. If you don't get proactive you could be left with a long list of things you need to do in a short space of time. If you're getting married during peak wedding season you might have to settle for second best because a lot of the most popular vendors are booked out. If you are being organized and are on top of your planning game, but your other half is taking a more relaxed approach it can lead to resentment and that leads to arguments. Make sure to check in with each other and know you are on the same page, and if sloth is making things difficult then you should voice your concerns before they become too big to handle.



He asked… you said, “Yes!" Now it's wedding planning full steam ahead, and you're going to be the best wedding planner ever! Slow your roll and think for a minute, there are two of you getting married and both of you should be involved in planning the big day. You shouldn't be too proud to ask for help, there are lots of people around you ready to help – from your family to your bridal party. Never be afraid to ask!


There will be things you lust after for your wedding, but there are things you can't afford or are just not realistic. Just like greed you can get yourself into serious debt chasing the wedding your lusting after. You can lose sight of having a day that you will enjoy and one that reflects you as a couple. There's no point hiring a harpist to play if you can't stand classical music, just put some of your favorite songs on or have someone do an acoustic version for you. If you are working to a tight budget you should have what you can afford and not what you lust!


You are only few weeks away from your wedding and you have everything perfect! Then your friend gets married and her wedding is AWESOME! You start having doubts about your day and have some serious wedding-envy that means you want to change every little detail you have. Stop! Your wedding will be your special day. Don't worry about what everyone else is doing, or is planning for their day – it will only drive you crazy!


We have actually heard tales of bride extending their guestlist just so they could have more gifts – especially when those gifts are financial. There are also couples that vent their anger about guests who gave too little – they need to stop and think! Not everyone has big bucks to spend, and sometimes just attending a wedding can stretch a person's recourses. Your guests should be the people you love and care about, not just people who are there to help you pay for your big day or to fit your ho


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