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The Ultimate Wedding Dress Fails! #WEDDINGDRESSFAIL

Whether it’s a large or small wedding, the dress is something that all brides want to be perfect. Every bride has an idea of what her dream dress will look like, but for all the brides who find the perfect gown there are brides who are left disappointed and even in tears.

Even if you get the dress there are lots of things that can happen on the road to or even at the wedding. Take a look at these poor brides that had a wedding dress fail. 

The grandma fail

This poor grandmother got a bit overenthusiastic and threw her drink over the bride rather than her confetti (big oops!) Although grandma was clearly upset at the time, the bride was able to smile about it (after she’d wiped the drink off her dress) and said it didn’t ruin her day. The groom even thanked his wife’s grandmother for making the day even more memorable. Thanks to modern technology we can all enjoy this very awkward moment.


The fail of nature

Although incorporating your beloved pet in your wedding might seem adorable, we all know that animals and nature don’t always play along with the plan. This poor bride found out that the call of nature isn’t easily ignored. When a dog’s gotta go, a dog’s gotta go!



The thief fail

Imagine you found your dream dress. You’ve paid for it and have just days until you get to wear it as you walk down the aisle. Then disaster strikes! The dress is stolen, or should we say the minivan you left it in is stolen. That’s exactly what happened to this poor bride, and despite her emotional appeals on TV the dress was never seen again. But this story isn’t all sad thanks to the kindness of strangers (we admit that we did cry a little watching this).


Badly made dress

While there are so many amazing dressmakers out there, you have to do your research and find a dressmaker who is reputable and has lots of experience.  Blogger Elsie got a dress custom made, but it was far from the dress of her dreams. Not only was it a strange shade of yellow, the body and trim were different colors. It was also too long and didn’t fit her body, although the seamstress had her measurements! See the dress for yourself...


The online fail

While the internet has given brides a lot more choice when it comes to buying wedding gowns, for all the dream dresses bought online there are brides who have been left in tears by botched orders. This bride didn’t receive the dress until the night before the wedding and everything was wrong. Thankfully she was able to get a dress, just four hours before she walked down the aisle!


All fall down

We know the perils of a badly fitting dress, but even if you have a dress that seems to be the perfect fit you need to make sure it’s secure. This bride-to-be was certainly left blushing when she had a wardrobe malfunction that was caught on camera. Even more of a reason to make sure you’re wearing the right lingerie on your wedding day.



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