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The Ultimate Wedding Transport Fails! #WEDDINGCARFAILS

Get me to the church on time is the motto of every bride and groom on their wedding day. But that all depends on your transport playing along as well as your driver making the right turns. We’ve seen lots of transport fails in the world of weddings, so we have compliled some of the craziest, stupidest and funniest ones just for you!

Overenthusiastic driver fail

With all the wedding excitement it’s easy to get carried away, and drivers are one of the people who should keep a cool head at all times. These drivers were a little over the top when they made their grand entrance. It was only going to end in disaster!


Car won't start fail

Congratulations! You’re married and ready to go to your reception. You’ve hired a vintage car to take you to the next stop, but with vintage cars come vintage problems. The main issue is the car not actually starting, but thankfully there are plenty of people who are on hand to help. Anyone able to push?  


Wedding fire fail

One of the biggest possible fails is your car going up in flames on the way to the church! What do you do? Call the fire brigade of course. Firemen to the rescue! 


Groom broke down

We have all heard about brides being late, but nobody expects the groom to be late to his own wedding. But this poor groom broke down on the side of a very busy road and was forced to get out and walk. Le’s just hope he made it to the church on time (or at lease before the bride!)


Horse and carriage fail

Frank Sinatra once sang ‘Love and marriage, go together like a horse and carriage’. But we’re not so sure. There’s nothing more romantic than a ride in a carriage and this couple decided to celebrate their wedding with a ride around their city. But these horses didn’t think it was such a good idea! 


The monster truck fail

Boys and their toys! It can only end in disaster. The best man at this wedding was given the responsibility of driving the groom to his wedding in a monster truck! When the kill switch was hit things didn’t end well – at least nobody was hurt! 


Wild West fail

When a couple decided to have a Wild West wedding there had to be horses. The groom made it to the venue in one piece, but the bride’s arrival was a lot more eventful. We’ll leave it to the groom himself to tell the terrifying story!


The wrong turn fail

Driving the bride is some responsibility – and not everyone's up to the job! Once again we have a driver who goes a little bit too far, and perhaps too fast with some very precious cargo. It was a wedding entrance that none of the guests will forget…



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