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Tie-ing the knot! What to Wear Around Your Neck At Your Wedding

Check out the latest red carpet pictures and you'll notice that our favorite leading men and handsome guys wear an array of neckwear. Some go for the traditional bow ties while others opt for a smart tie. The same is true of weddings - what works for one groom is another groom's worst neck nightmare! Of course your theme might have some say in what you wear - a traditional wedding might call for top 'n tails, while a beach wedding might be a casual bear neck area. There is actually a lot more choice than you might things - so what's a groom to do?

Bow ties have come along way from being a trend set aside for 'hipsters'. Thankfully, they are now considered a lot more acceptable for the more mainstream man to wear. Just check out the red carpet - an increase in men wearing bow ties as part of a day time look and on nights out has really resulted in modern day grooms wanting to express their fashion tastes when getting married. Even better -  bow ties emphasize the manly physique as a whole

So does a bow tie still add an element of cool to the groom or is your man already cool enough? 

Neck ties have been seen as a must-have for men's formal wear for years, but the competition from the bow tie has really changed up the wedding day dynamics. Many men feel the neck tie depicts their age better and many see wearing one as a coming of age moment.

They are no longer the domain of young naïve guys at the prom shuffling because of the newness of a badly fitting suit. Instead they are worn by men ready to embark on the next stage of their lives. But, pulling off either look well is often determined by physique. The same way a necklace elongates and finishes off a classic look for ladies, the tie can make or break an outfit for men.

Neck ties give a thinning power thanks to the vertical lines and subtly direct attention away from the face and towards the naval, perfect for the groom who isn't feeling overly confident on the big day.

It is important to point out that the bow tie is not really suited to the guy who has just started to develop his style. When buying one it is crucial to understand the proportions of your clothes first. Sometimes the time of year can really dictate if it fits with your wedding theme and look too, whilst they are a great way to add texture to a suit ,bowties can be a little restrictive in the summer heat. 

While there’s some debate about what's suitable for your wedding day, the fact of the matter is - if your wedding is a black tie formal event, bow ties are the only way to go. Your grooms profession may also influence what style suits him best.  If you both want a formal style of wedding then a tuxedo is the best option, but you still want one that represents your special day and so it needs to look different from a suit you’d wear any other day at the office.

Just remember - this is your day mister, so do it your way! 



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