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Top Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Party

Having trouble figuring out who should be in your wedding party? Deciding who makes the cut can definitely be one of the more socially sticky parts of wedding planning. Who should be your maid of honor? Who should be a bridesmaid? Like all things wedding related, ultimately it is up to you.

Rules are made to be broken and your big day is all about you. If you need a starting point though, here are a few basic guidelines. 

Size is important 

Your guest list is one of the best ways to decide how many people should be in your wedding party. Typically, there should be one usher for every 50 guests. Since groomsmen generally do double duty as ushers, this means that you’ll be having one groomsman for every 50 people. 

Since you’ll typically have one bridesmaid for every one groomsman, you can use the same math there. But, while those are the official numbers, they aren’t quite the norm. The average wedding has four bridesmaids but only 150 guests. 

Style is even more important 

The style of your wedding is really important for determining how many bridesmaids you should have. Unless it’s a very formal and large wedding, most brides opt to have fewer than six bridesmaids. Most semi-formal weddings have somewhere between one and six bridesmaids. If you are having a casual wedding, a lot of couples just opt to have a maid of honor and a best man plus maybe one or two more bridesmaids and groomsmen. 

Out with the old 

While wedding parties are the norm at most traditional weddings, they are definitely optional. A lot of couples who have been married before, prefer to stand at the altar solo. Couples who already have children together can forget about the wedding party altogether and have their kids stand with them. 

It’s not just for divorcees and couples with kids though. More and more brides are deciding to go for a simpler wedding. If it feels awkward to rank your friends and decide who makes the cut, forget about the whole thing! Rather than dealing with hurt feelings, you might want to just go it on your own. You can still get help and support without assigning each of your friends matching dresses. 

Boundaries, bridezilla! 

This may be your big day but it’s always important to be considerate. Avoid any unnecessary wedding drama by giving some serious thought to who is going to be in your wedding party. Sometimes it is better to go with family than friends. If you and your future husband each have a brother and sister, it might be easier to use them as your two bridesmaids and groomsmen. If you really can’t decide who to choose, creating a family-only policy can be the simplest way to avoid hurt feelings. 

No matter who you ask, be respectful of their circumstances. Don’t pressure anyone into doing more than they can. Consider their schedules and financial situation. Make it clear what it will cost (including any cost that you can take care of) and what sort of time commit they can expect. A little extra effort in the beginning can go a long way when you’re counting down the final days before the wedding. 



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