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Trend Alert! Would You Get a Wedding Tattoo?

Wedding tattoos have become seriously trendy over the last few years. While they can be gorgeous, a tattoo should never be an impulse purchase.

Hopefully your love for your guy will last a lifetime but that doesn’t mean that you won’t get sick of your ink. Before you and your husband-to-be have a date with a tattoo artist, consider some of the pros and cons of wedding tattoos. 

The Good: How romantic! What better way to represent your lifelong devotion to each other than to create a permanent symbol of your love? While wedding rings slide off, tattoos are for life. 

The Bad: Tattoos are for life. Sure, it’s romantic to get inked together but it’s not all that realistic to assume that you’ll love the tattoo in 40 years. Imagine if you had gotten a tattoo at 12 years old. Do you really think that you’d still love it now?

The Good: Wedding tattoos are great for people who don’t or can’t wear wedding rings for whatever reason. Whether you or your guy has an allergy or it’s not kosher at work, wedding tattoos can be a great alternative. 

The Bad: Your tattoo won’t look like that forever. Wedding tattoos will last forever but they’ll won’t look the same forever. Sun exposure and the aging process can do number on your ink. Your exact timeline will vary with the style, color and location of your tattoo but you can expect to touch it up at least once every ten years. 

The Good: Wedding tattoos are a great way to get creative. Rather than just going for a traditional band, the sky's the limit on tattoos. Forget about boring initials or names. Go for arrows, ampersands, infinity symbols, your wedding date or even your wedding date in Roman numerals. There are endless options. 

The Bad: Finger tattoos are always visible. If you opt for the traditional ring finger tattoo to celebrate your nuptials, it will always be visible. It might not seem like a big deal to a have a little tattoo but it can be a serious issue for your employer. In some professions, tattoo are a strict no-no. It’s important to think about every possible situation before you decide to get visible ink. 

The Good: Your wedding tattoo can be your little secret. If you are more interested in a subtle tattoo, you can create a very small design that will always be hidden discreetly behind your wedding ring. Rather than broadcasting your love, it can be something for just the two of you to know about. 

The Bad: Beyond just requiring touch-up, some tattoos will simply only look good when they are fresh. A lot of ladies fell in love with white tattoos a few years ago only to realize that they often turn yellow as they age. Some of them turn yellow within just a few months and prove nearly impossible to keep white. Tattoos around your finger also tend to wear off unevenly so you might find that your tattoo never really looks as good as it first did. 



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