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Twisting Traditions: Ways you can mix it up on your wedding day!

If you love the idea of sharing in the history of wedding traditions but keep coming back to your Pinterest page for 21 more ideas of how to DIY your flower girl’s hair bow, well you need to step away from the Pinterest! Now, you need to realize something eye-opening, anxiety-reducing, and world-changing when it comes to your wedding planning: You can completely twist any tradition around in order for it to suit you and your beloved!

It’s true: you can have your cake and you can eat it, too! We're on hand to show you how...

The unity candle

You might like the idea of a visual representation of your two lives joining together as one, but you’re also petrified of all the many things that could potentially go wrong with the unity candle scenario (like your veil catching on fire / candle extinguishing too early).  Lucky for you, there are more than one ways to create a symbol!  Why not pour two different vases filled with sand into one large vase—bonus points for dyeing and coordinating the sand with your wedding party colors. You could place a flower from two separate bouquets (the moms’ bouquets, most likely) into a sweet bud vase of their own. Another idea is for coffee lovers - you could scoop beans or grounds from a French roast and an Italian roast together to create your own special blend!


The traditional wedding cake

You should be able to indulge in your favorite dessert(s) on your wedding day, and believe it or not, there are lots of brides and grooms out there who simply don’t care for cake, unless it’s a cheesecake or an ice-cream cake. Pies, cupcake tiers, even a tower of brownies usually sound much more appealing to these couples than cake and icing (and the fondant trend looks fantastic, but eating it is another story). Serve whatever desserts you love best, whether it’s a 'cake' of Rice Krispies treats or multiple tiers of Italian pastries on pretty platters. You can still feed each other - ice cream scooping or cookie - sharing can be equally sweet and romantic.

The bride's bouquet toss

You might not want to throw your bouquet, and that’s fine! Your guests might be more okay with that than you think. Instead, give your bouquet to your mother, a special female mentor, the longest-married couple in the room, or even your most elderly female guest - they’ll be touched, and your wedding will retain just as much meaning (if not more) during this aspect of your reception.



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