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10 of the Most Romantic Proposals of all Time

A proposal is something a bride never forgets, the story of "how he asked" will be recalled amongst friends and family for years to come! Whether it was the restaurant where you had your first date or atop the Eiffel Tower, romantic proposals take careful thought and planning. These guys have set the bar particularly high, from creating their own commercials to singing flash mobs. Take a look at 10 of the most romantic proposals of all time... the reactions are priceless! 

The Disney Proposal 

This proposal will make any Disney fanatic green with envy! Mat arranged for a "Love Story" to be filmed starring him and his girlfriend of six years, Kylie, in different locations. What she didn’t know was the crew was actually filming her proposal. Watch the Disney magic unfold when he leads her to the final destination.   


The Commute Home Proposal  

A groom-to-be ambushed his girlfriend on the 19.57 train to Watford, in England, with a 25-person strong singing marriage proposal on her commute home. When the train pulled out of the station, one passenger began singing "Lovely Day" by Bill Whithers, followed by a group of others. Then, he emerges from the singing crowd and proposes, making for one amazing journey home! 


Art Exhibition Proposal  

This wedding proposal was built around an elaborate gallery opening. George Aye, an industrial designer from Chicago used the help of an art gallery, some computer modelling, a laser cutter and a lot of foam core, to create a masterpiece. He cleverly named the piece, "My Early Muir Owl", which is of course an anagram for will you marry me!  



The Proposal to Make All Movies Jealous  

This was one time when the trailers before the movie weren't boring! While the trailers began to play, Ginny heard a familiar voice on screen, soon realizing it's her boyfriend, Matt. Then, a proposal trailer unfolds before her eyes, for a real Hollywood ending!  


Family Photo Proposal  

What better time to propose than the most wonderful time of the year! With the help of his family, some props and some careful choreography, Tyne Owen was able to turn a "Merry Xmas" pictures into a "Marry Me" proposal.  


TV Commercial Proposal  

There's nothing quite like settling down after a long day to catch up with your favorite show. What could make it better? A marriage proposal of course! Rand Fishkin, a search marketing specialist, put together an online campaign to draw in donations to fund his proposal. Raising 86k, he purchased local ad time during Geraldine’s favorite television show, Veronica Mars. On February 6th, as Geraldine was watching the show, Rand’s ad came onto the screen. Here's how it looked! 


The Scavenger Hunt Proposal  

Christina Wagner is a radio show host based in Arizona. One, morning, instead of beginning a day of work, her boyfriend surprised her on air with a scavenger hunt - the result? A proposal! Watch how it all turned out: 


The Video Phone Proposal  

Unlike some of the more extravagant proposals, this cute video has no frills. This romantic groom-to-be shot his proposal on a Motorola Z10 mobile phone; how's that for a throwback! He enlisted the help of friends and family to create this touching, personal video with some very creative props.   


The On-Air Proposal  

Pete Scalia, a popular TV traffic reporter in Cincinnati, proposed to his girlfriend of two years on air. Amy thought she was a guest on the show to talk about her new business venture, but Pete surprised her by getting down on one knee in front of the whole studio, not to mention the viewers watching from home! 


The Zero Gravity Proposal  


Got a head for heights? This skydiving proposal is not for the faint hearted! This couple take the leap together for some extreme couple bonding. She lands to discover her partner down on one knee, you could even say she literally fell head over heels!  


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