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5 games to play at your Wedding Reception

When your working on your table scheme you will start to think about the experience your guests will have at your wedding. Sitting the right people together is important but you might want to add quirky little touches to add some fun to your tables.

Not everyone is outgoing and some people don't find it easy to talk to new people. Some of your guests will be on a table of people that they don't know and they might not feel comfortable introducing themselves to others. This is why table games are the perfect way to break the ice!

Getting people together to compete in teams or pair up on a fun game is a great way to get people talking. You can make it a wedding themed game, something relevant to you or a game that seamlessly blends into your theme (like a game of draughts if you're having a black and white colour scheme).

You can take some inspiration from your childhood with some simple but fun games - how about 'I Spy'? You can make your own or there are lots of resources available online if you are short on time. You can even make use of photo-share apps for people to share photos of what they spy.

Wedding reception games to play at your wedding Dreamwedding Magazine

I Spy by Splash of Silver

What's in your Purse GameWhats in your Purse game by tranquillina

Wedding reception games to play at your wedding Dreamwedding Magazine Wedding word search by Stef Rzysko

Want something to get your guests talking? Instead of the usual floral centerpieces, you could place a game at the center of each table. You can even have a personalised version of a game like Jenga. It's the perfect way to break the ice between your guests! Another idea from your childhood is pass the parcel! You could fill the parcel with wedding favours or special treats for your guests to enjoy.

Wedding reception games to play at your wedding Dreamwedding MagazineCustom wedding Jenga by Your Wedding Project

Pass The Parcel Game for a wedding Pass The Parcel game by Daisyley Designs


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