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Wedding Traditions you can Kick to the Curb!

There are lots of traditions brides and grooms include in their wedding day without giving them a second thought. Well, we’re here to tell you that you can mix it up!  Even if you are a traditional type of couple you can still change some details to suit your day and your personality. Take a look at these traditions we think you can totally kick to the curb.

The engagement ring

We know we’re being controversial here, but do you have to have an engagement ring? Weddings (and life in general) are expensive. Engagement rings now have an average cost of about of $5,431! So why not skip the engagement ring and spend the cash on your wedding instead? If you have a job that means you’re taking your ring off and on all day you might prefer to skip it all together. Some people just don’t feel comfortable wearing rings or have skin conditions that are aggravated by jewelry, so it makes no sense to wear a ring. Seriously, it’s OK not to wear one, but you will get comments and questions from friends and family - but not wearing a ring doesn’t mean you love someone any less or are less committed to the relationship. The same is true of your wedding ring. If you adore your engagement ring and don’t want to wear another ring then you can use the same ring on your wedding day. 

The white dress

Did you know that brides didn’t wear white on their wedding day until Queen Victoria wore a white gown incorporating her favorite lace in 1840? So the traditional white dress isn’t so traditional after all. One of the hottest wedding dress trends is for colored wedding gowns, so forget everything you think the traditional wedding should be and wear a gown of a different color. If you want to stick with white but mix it up a little you could always add some color with a sash, your shoes or a bolero. 

Guests taking sides 

Family and friends sitting on opposite sides of the church used to symbolize the cutting of the blood covenant. Some families are smaller than others so you can end up with one very full side of guests and another with just a few people. Many churches and venues have scrapped any rules about who sits where, so you can break with tradition and let your guests sit wherever they want. You can get ushers to balance it out by guiding people to empty seats because people do have a tendency to bunch together. 

The bridal march with Dad

The moment your dad escorts you down the aisle is a special and precious one, but it’s not obligatory. Some people ask a sibling or close family member, or other brides ask their mother to walk with them. You can do the walk on your own, or if you have children they can accompany you while you walk (just like Angelina Jolie).  It's also becoming more common to see both parents walk their daughter down the aisle. Basically, there are no rules when it comes to this tradition, but you might want to avoid upsetting family members by asking a particular person. Follow your heart and you will make the right choice for you.

The wedding cake

Do you hate cake or just want to serve something different at your wedding? Well then, go for it! You don’t have to have a cake if you don’t want to. Why would you spend money on something you don’t like and won’t eat? There are lots of alternatives to the traditional wedding cake, from ice cream bars and doughnuts to cheesecakes and mini desserts. You can serve whatever you want on your big day.  

Say "No" to the honeymoon

While having a honeymoon would be nice, it's not a tradition you have to keep. The custom of going on honeymoon began in 19th century Britain when upper-class couples would take a bridal tour, with friends and family often coming too! This then spread to Europe and then into lots of other cultures. While it’s lovely to take some time to relax after the manic wedding planning, some couples prefer to sleep it off at home. The cost of an exotic honeymoon can blow any wedding budget (especially if you’re getting married in the summer months) so couples are saving their money by ditching the honeymoon. There’s also the time off work to consider – not everyone can take a long break from work (especially if you run your own business). You can always plan a break away in the quieter months when costs might be a bit lower and you will have some paradise destinations to yourselves (bliss!)


You're saying one doesn't need an engagement ring - We also don't NEED to get married at all. They are things that are supposed to mean something. The ring doesn't have to be incredibly expensive, it's a symbol - why not have it..? My sister doesn't have an engagement ring and she is saying she keeps getting asked to 'show her engagement ring' - by absolutely everyone.. and she really wishes she had one now.. as this just makes her feel really really bad about the decision. When you get engaged - you suddenly get so excited about the idea that you're beginning a new chapter in your life with the man you love - it is AMAZING to have that ring on your finger and to play with it and to look at it. I never ever take it off. When your fiancee is away - you keep playing with the ring. The first week is funny, as you're not quite used to wearing it but after a week - you don't even really feel it on your finger anymore you're so used to it. The wedding preparations are so exciting (sometimes also quite long) and it's great to have that ring. It doesn't need to be a diamond ring, it can be bought on holidays where you got engaged - but do have it as it's an amazing feeling that you will only experience once in your life. If you want to do it once - do it right and don't miss out on any of the amazing stuff just because you wanted to absolutely cheap out... You can get a beautiful ring for 500 euro and lets be honest - 500 euro wouldn't make any difference to the wedding itself. Also - a wedding is just one day.... you wear the engagement ring and feel excited about getting married for 1- 2 years. I would rather have a cheaper wedding.. but would never ever give up on wearing an engagement ring. I think it's a horrible idea and I see my sister really really regretting her decision..


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