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Where to Look for Alternative Wedding Inspiration

Every bride and groom wants their wedding to be a little different so it's a day people will remember forever. But it’s easy to just stick with convention and have a day that doesn’t really suit who you are. You might not be a traditional bride, have not found the right ideas for your day, or just sick of seeing the same image over and over again - it's easy to just say yes to things because you can't make up your mind.

But then you might have the problem of not having defined interests – you like a little bit of everything and can’t decide on one theme. There are things in your life you might have overlooked that would make the perfect source of inspiration! 

If you want to step outside the box and do something different we suggest you try and look for inspiration from these alternative places. 

Look at nature

Look around you – there is wedding inspiration everywhere! Whether it’s the color of the leaves or a beautiful sunset, you never know when nature will give you the perfect idea for your wedding. The seasons are also a great source of inspiration – getting married in summer? Have a menu inspired by summer. Spring is more your thing? Have wedding favors that reflect the new plants growing around us.

Listen to music

Do you have a favorite song or genre of music? Then why not use it at as a theme! You could take a few quotes from a song and use them on your wedding invitations or during your ceremony. Have tables named after your favorite songs on an album, or if you want to go all out you could use music as your entire theme and have something like a heavy metal wedding! There are so many elements you could take from music – anyone for a plate of Black Eyed Peas?

Open your wardrobe

Think you don’t have a distinctive style? Then you’d be wrong. If you feel like there isn’t a theme or style that reflects you then we suggest looking in your wardrobe. We know it sounds strange, but you’ll actually find your taste and style staring back at you. Take a look at your clothes – is there a color that you have more of? Do you like lace or detailing, or are you more minimalist? You can find out a lot of things about yourself by looking at your clothes. 


Think about Travel

Did you have a holiday that you will never forget? Do you have a favorite place that you share? If the answer is ‘Yes’ then why not use them as wedding inspiration! You can have a theme based on your favorite vacation destination and incorporate it in everything from your invitations to music. Of course there’s the added bonus that you don’t have to think twice about where you will be going on honeymoon! 

Watch unromantic movies

The movies are an obvious place to find wedding inspiration – but what about those films you haven’t thought of? Not everyone loves a Rom-Com, but that doesn’t mean your favorite movies can’t inspire your wedding! If you love horror movies then why not have a horror or Halloween themed wedding? If you love drama or crime movies then why not incorporate a fake crime scene into your reception! You could get everyone to dress up as cops and criminals and get some wonderful wedding photos.

Read some books

If you’re a couple that loves to read then you should share your love on your wedding day. You could use books as a theme and use them as décor – from centerpieces to your cake stand. If you have one book that you love then you could base your whole wedding on that – whether it’s Pride and Prejudice or The Cat in the Hat. If you just want to make a few nods to your love of literature then you can perhaps have favors based on the book – the opportunities are endless!


Do you consider yourselves history buffs? Then why not look back in time for inspiration. You could take inspiration from weddings from the past, or the kings and queens of days gone by. Go back in time by dressing in period costume and have musicians playing music from the era. While it might not be to everyone’s taste, it will be your perfect day. 

Look at your Life

What do you love doing together? Do you love caring for your pets and taking them for walks? Perhaps that’s even how you met! Look at your favorite things you do together as a couple and use them for inspiration. You can incorporate your pets into your day or if you love to swim you could have a pool party reception. You should choose something you enjoy doing together, that way it’ll certainly be a day you won’t forget! 



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