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10 Steps to Creating the perfect Hen party

If you have been given the task of organising the hen party (also known as the bachelorette party) – congratulations! While you might feel a bit overwhelmed by the task, we have put together a guide to help you create the perfect celebration.

Remember - don't be afraid to ask other bridesmaids to chip in and help you out, and remember to include the bride-to-be in your planning so you have the night she dreamed of. We have 10 tips to help you plan an awesome hen party everybody will enjoy.

Set the date!

You'll need to sit down with the bride and choose a date for the hen party at least four to six weeks before the day. That way you will be able to give all your guests plenty of notice so they save the date!

Ask the bride

The bride gets some say in what happens on her hen night. Ask her if she has any ideas or if there's anything that she really doesn't want to do. There should be something that brigs everyone together and gives people a chance to get to know each other. Once you have an idea you can start organising the day or weekend.

Make a guest list

Speak to the bride about who she wants to invite. You might know her close friends or family but there will be other people she will want to invite that you don't know. Sisters of the bride and groom should be invited, and the bride's best friends - if they're not already in the bridal party. It's up to the bride if her mother and mother-in-law to be is invited, but they might only come for part of the day.

Invite your guests

Once a guest list has been confirmed by the bride and you have their contact details, it is time to send out your save the dates! You can do this by email or set up a messenger group, just check everyone gets the date because not all the guests will be tech-savvy!

Book the details

Whatever the bride-to-be has decided she wants to do, the next step is booking it! If you plan to hit a restaurant or bar you need to book a table or area or you might find yourself red-faced on the day. Lots of bars do special deals so ask what they can offer you.

Organise your transport

If you are going away then you need to organise transport details - whether it's printing off train timetables, sending map details or booking a minibus. If you can transport everyone together it will be easier for you and give people a chance to talk to each other.

Send the details

As soon as everything is booked you can send your guests the details so they know what to expect. Send on any dress requirements too, whether it's a themed costume or appropriate attire. If you're collecting money from people then you need to give everyone a break down of costs just so they know where their money is going to.

Get some props!

We're not talking about the typical willy themed accessories, there are lots of fun props that can add a talking point to your night. People love taking selfies so why not get some photo props, or you could get matching sashes for everyone. For the hen there's the traditional veil, but if she wants something different why not try angel wings, fun wigs or a crown.

Make it personal

This is a night all about the bride-to-be so show how special she is with lots of lovely touches. Have games about her and activities she loves. Use photos of her growing up as bunting or cupcake toppers, and create a playlist full of her favourite tunes! You can even have a cocktail inspired by her and the things she likes.

Build excitement

Keep in touch with everyone and build up excitement before the day. Perhaps get suggestions for songs, party games or create a memory book that everyone can contribute to. Don't be nervous about the big day and try to speak to all your guests. Try to have fun and enjoy all your hard work!

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