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The Bachelorette Party Games You Have to Play!

A bachelorette party would be nothing without a few mildly embarrassing, highly hilarious party games! You know the kind of games we're talking about - everybody takes turns to pin the you-know-what on the groom until before you know it, his you-know-what is on his forehead and you're all doubled over with laughter... 

Guess the gift

Each person brings a gift that, to them, embodies their friendship with the bride - and she has to guess who each gift is from! If you want to really get things going, she takes a drink for each one she gets wrong, and if she guesses yours first try? You drink! Props for embarrassing ideas, too - like that shot glass she just had to take from that San Diego bar you both got kicked out of!

Quiz the groom

This requires a little bit of legwork but the results are always worth it! Ask the groom questions about his bride - and then have her guess his answers. Questions can range from the benign ("name three countries Ali has lived in") to the risqué ("what's the most unusual place you've had sex?"). If she answers wrong, she drinks. If she answers correctly, everyone else does!

Play ex-y charades!

Okay, so we stole this one from Cosmopolitan, but it's such a great idea we couldn't resist! You each take a former "man" of the bride's (ex, crush or hookup) and, in teams, interpret him in mime form, from what you heard about him from your friend! If she guesses correctly... well, you know the drill!

Post-it please

Everyone gets a post-it and writes their favorite memory of the bride on it. Then the post-its get stuck to a wall and she has to guess who wrote what! Correct guess = you drink! Incorrect guess = tipsy bride!

I have never...

Last, but by no means least, this game is best played when everyone's had a little drink and got to know each other a bit! You complete the sentence "I have never..." with something you haven't done. Everyone who has done it takes a drink! You get to catch out the not-so-innocents as well as taking the excuse to get the bride well-oiled. Example? "Never have I ever been proposed to / planned a wedding!"


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