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Will you be my bridesmaid? Creative ways to pop the question!

We’re sure your hubby to be had a blast planning his proposal, but now it’s your turn to pop the question. How are you going to propose to your best girls? Draw some inspiration from our comprehensive list of the internet’s most creative brides!

Nothing says “be my bridesmaid” quite like a personalized bottle of wine! Whether she keeps it forever or cracks it open immediately for a toast, your gal pal will adore this thoughtful gift. (Just be prepared: no matter how thoughtful the gift, there is always the slim chance that she will refuse - accept graciously and move on!)

How about some fancy stationery? Or even something silly? Either way, a customized letter can help you pop the question perfectly - and it makes a very sweet keepsake. You could always present it to her in a beautiful thrifted frame that she can keep forever (even if she does decide to ditch the card and replace it with a photograph).

If a letter doesn’t seem enough to you, try a whole box of stuff! Designing a bridesmaid’s survival kit will be sure to assuage any fears she may have about her duties. If you need ideas of what to include, start with the sentimental, like a photograph of the two of you from your college days, and move on to the practical - a mini Filofax will be a great way for her to keep track of the bridal shower and bachelorette plans!

Your girlfriends love you, so they’ll obviously love seeing your smiling face throughout this proposal. Have fun with a photo collage and your bridesmaid will have a wonderful keepsake too! As an added bonus, you can ask your sweetie to take the photographs, so he'll feel like he's involved in the process, too!

If you’re the hands-on, do-it-yourself type of bride, try making your lovely ladies a special gift. Try these glitter candles from Brit + Co or go old-school and make her a friendship bracelet! Anything hand-made will be sure to express just how important she really is to you.


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