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10 Best Man Speech Fails! #Speechfail

It’s difficult to strike the right balance of sincerity and humor in a wedding speech. Best men being underprepared, inappropriate and, worse of all, totally wasted have resulted in some of the worst best man speeches in history.
Want to avoid being one of them? Read on… 

Be prepared
The wedding is months away so you have plenty of time to work on your speech, don’t you? Don’t fall victim to procrastination and the idea that you can make a speech off the cuff. You could end up standing in front of family, friends and loved ones with a blank mind. Do some research into speeches before you get writing and speak to people who have experience of making a best man speech about what worked for them. You wouldn’t do a presentation at work without preparation so treat your best man speech in the same way.

Don’t steal the spotlight
You have a big job to do on the wedding day and a lot of people will be watching you, but that doesn’t mean the day is about you. Never try to steal the spotlight from the wedding couple by exaggerating or talking about yourself. Don't use your speech to break any news like a guest being pregnant. Nobody wants to watch a Kanye West style spotlight stealing moment!

Be appropriate
Yes you can be funny in your speech, but keep it appropriate to your audience and the setting. Seriously, who wants to be this guy?


Quality not quantity

You want do make more than just a toast, but nobody wants to hear a long and rambling speech. Remember there are other speeches to come so you don’t want the guests to spend all night listening to speeches. Keep it between two and four minutes – anything over five minutes is generally too long. If the speeches are being made before the meal, chances are that everyone is hungry and wants to eat and they won’t thank you for keeping them from their food.

Don’t make inside jokes

Inside jokes might make you and the groom laugh out loud, but do you see anyone else laughing? Unless everyone understands the joke you could lose your audience’s attention for the rest of the speech. If you really want to put something in, keep it to a quick off-hand comment that doesn’t disrupt the momentum of your overall speech.

Be funny, but not controversial

Use your common sense when writing your speech. Stay away from subjects that are controversial, offensive, or embarrassing. There’s nothing worse than a best man telling a story or cracking some lame joke about a ball and chain, and there’s nothing fun about that uncomfortable silence when someone is standing with a microphone waiting for a laugh. Funny anecdotes are OK, but don’t try and get laughs at the bride or groom’s expense.

Don’t mention the ex

You might think it is hilarious to make fun of the groom's awful ex-girlfriend, but people won’t find it funny. Worse still, she could be at the wedding! If you mention a past engagement in your speech, the bride and her family won’t be too impressed. Avoid mentioning past loves at the wedding to avoid any awkwardness like this...

Keep it upbeat

This is a day of celebration, so avoid making comments that will darken the mood. We understand that there are a billion undernourished people living in the world, but this isn’t the time to bring it up. Yes, there really are best men who have brought this up in a speech, as well as terrible things that happened in the bride and groom’s lives. A wedding day is all about love, and although the couple may have been through some dark times, you can tell their story without making everyone feel sad. Focus on the positive side of the story and how it brought them to this happy day.

Don’t forget the bride

The groom is marrying the love of his life, so don’t forget to mention her in the speech. You can talk about her in reference to the groom, like how happier he has been since she came into his life. Avoid saying that the bride is too good for the groom, and vice versa, and you don't want to give the impression that you don't know why this guy is marrying her. Keep it simple and complimentary like “I could tell right away that she was the right womanfor him.”

Don’t get drunk

The champagne is flowing and you’re having a great time, but watch your alcohol intake before you make your speech. Alcohol may help take the edge off of giving a speech in front of hundreds of strangers, but a drunk best man is never attractive. If you get totally wasted before you speak, who knows what might come out of your mouth. Stay sober until you have finished because nobody should be like this guy…


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