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10 French Wedding Cakes that Look (Almost) Too Good to Eat

When you mention France romance is one of the first things that comes to mind. The second thing you might think of is food, and naturally food plays a central part in a French wedding.  

The cutting of a wedding cake is not a major feature at French weddings, and most weddings don’t opt for the traditional tiered wedding cake. Dessert is usually ceremonially brought out to guests after some dancing and is eaten with Champagne (well what else would you serve in France!)

Take a look at some of the desserts served at French weddings…bon appétit!



Pièce montée

The cake you will usually find (and hopefully eat) at a French wedding is a Pièces Montées. These delicious looking cakes made of pièces montées (which means assembled pieces) have been eaten at French celebrations since medieval times. Traditionally wedding guests would bring small cakes and stack them in a pile, which would create a pyramid of sweets in the center of the table. These are the traditional wedding cake in France, but are also served at baptisms and communions.



The croquembouche, also known as a croque-en-bouche, is a French dessert consisting of profiteroles (choux pastry balls) piled into a cone and then bound with threads of caramel. It is sometimes decorated with sugared almonds, chocolate, flowers, or ribbons. This croquembouche is magnifique, but we’d still be more than happy to have a go at devouring it. 


The Macaron tower

In France macaron towers are commonplace at weddings. Macarons are sweet meringue based confection made with eggs, icing sugar, granulated sugar, almond powder or ground almonds.  French bakery Ladurée made the macaron world famous, and they continue to make delicious towers for weddings today. The combination of colors is limitless, or some couples opt for a single color to fit with their wedding scheme. One thing’s for sure - they look delicious in every color. 



We love crêpes, and some French weddings have made a pièce montée entirely from them! If you want something different to the traditional wedding cake, then this is it. 





The French also like the traditional wedding cake. There are some amazing designs with added 'Oh là là' available in stores across the country.



If you can’t get to France to try one of these cakes, you can always bring some joie de vivre to your wedding.


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