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10 of the Cutest Cake Pops to have at Your Wedding

Not everyone loves cake (we have no idea why), and lots of couples are turning their noses up at the traditional wedding cake for some cute and quirky alternatives.

Since Bakerella introduced the world to cake pops in 2009, they have gone global! Coffee shops, bakeries and almost anyone with access to cake mixture is making them. These days you can even buy special cake pop makers to speed up the process!

But, there are some people who say the cake pops day is done (haters gonna hate), but we still think they’re perfect for weddings. They’re less messy than cake, you don’t need to have serving plates, and they make perfect wedding favors!

Even if you still want the traditional cake, you can go for a smaller one than you usually would, then serve cake pops made from the same (or similar) ingredients and flavors to your guests. 

You can also serve your cake pops on a tiered tower made from Styrofoam which you could either ice to look like a cake or decorate to compliment your theme. There are lots of choices out there, so do some research and find what styles you like before you commit to a tower. If you are having a rustic or indie wedding you could display cake pops in jars and glass bottles for that quirky edge, or for a more traditional day you can put them on serving trays in perfect order. 

When it comes to the cake pops, well, you can let your imagination run wild! As long as you find a talented baker you can have almost any design incorporated  onto them, such as the lace on your dress, colors from your theme or something that means something to you as a couple.

There are worse things to be doing than looking cake pop ideas, but we have 10 beautiful, but delicious looking cake pops to start you off…



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