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10 Things We Love About... Beach Weddings

People love the beach. The Victorians even believed that sea air was good for a person's health. It can't be denied that people are instantly happy when they feel the sand between their toes. When the sun comes out we all head to the sea to enjoy the air and cool down in the sea.

For a laidback, breezy kind of wedding then a beach ceremony is the ideal choice. We feel relaxed, calm and happy by the sea, so it's the perfect place to be married to the person you love the most. There are so many reasons to love beach weddings, but we have broken it down to 10 things we adore about them.

They’re super romantic

The sound of waves crashing, the sun shimmering on the water and the warmth of the golden sand…you don’t get many locations as romantic as the beach!  Sure you might have to contend with a sea breeze and sandflies, but you’ll be so distracted that you won’t notice them (you hope). 

You’ll have amazing photographs 

Wedding photographs taken by the sea are beautiful and memorable, and will be in pride of place in any home. Even if the sun doesn’t shine, there’s something special about a backdrop of sea and sand. You can take each other’s hands and have a walk down the beach, or have a family photo in the sea – the options are endless! The obvious benefit of a beach wedding is the breathtaking backdrop for the ceremony.  Who needs a photo studio when you have sunset beach views!

The beach weather

If you live in a part of the world where there’s more rain than sunshine, then getting married on a tropical beach means you have a better chance of good weather. OK, nobody can guarantee that it will be a beautiful day and that Mother Nature won’t decide to rain on your parade, but when you're at the beach the outlook is usually sunny. 

Saving money on decorations

When you’re by the sea nature is your decorator. You don’t need to decorate in the same way you would in a venue. You can still have a color theme and use materials you find on the beach like driftwood and shells to decorate. Use floaty materials like muslin, voile, and lace for that breezy beach feeling. You can even go all out and have a nautical theme with anchors, rope and lots of blue and white. 

They’re more relaxed

Beach weddings have a hippy chilled out vibe, but can still be as smart or casual as you choose. Having a wedding at a beach means your guests will feel relaxed and dress accordingly. Brides can wear less formal dresses (long dresses with a train aren't beach friendly) and sandals, while the groom can even go for shorts, if he’s comfortable wearing them. For a beach-chic look you can always walk down the aisle barefoot. Even your day will be more relaxed. There’s no rush of fuss with a beach wedding. The bride’s running late? That means there's more time to enjoy being by the sea!

You can get creative

From your bachelorette party to the invitations, you can have a beach theme running through your wedding. We love invitations with real shells and shell motifs, images of waves and sand – anything goes! Whatever conjures up images of the beach is a good fit for a beach wedding. The wedding favors should no doubt match the theme, and why not have a menu of seafood or a beachside BBQ and of course a beach inspired wedding cake?

You can control the guest list

Unless you grew up by the sea, most people will have to travel to a beach wedding. That can be costly for guests, so you can use it as an excuse to keep the guest list limited. You can always throw a party for people who couldn’t make it when you get home. On the flip side, there’s no real limit to the number of people you can have at the wedding (within reason of course). So if you can’t find a venue that will fit your huge family then get everyone together on the sand! 


You’re already on honeymoon

If you’re having a destination wedding then you are already on holiday! Rather than racing off on honeymoon you can extend your stay and enjoy time with friends and family. Many hotels offer automatic upgrades to the bride and groom on their wedding night, and you may be able to negotiate an extended stay for a reduced rate. If you want some alone time you can investigate and explore places nearby which don’t mean jumping on a plane.

They’re less hassle

Whether your wedding is an intimate affair or there are 200 people on the guest list, many resorts that offer beach weddings will plan your wedding for free. They are experienced in organizing weddings with couples, whether they live nearby or are on the other side of the world. If you have a beach in mind but there’s no resort or they don’t have a planner, you can turn to an independent planner who specializes in beach weddings. 

It’s a day nobody will forget

You can have any sort of day you want on a beach. You can have a religious ceremony, an indie wedding or something very traditional. Anything goes when you’re at the seaside. Having a beach wedding gives you space to express your personal style. Whatever day you have, it will be a wedding that people will look back on fondly and treasure forever.


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