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10 Things We Love About... Castle Weddings

Lots of girls dream of getting married to their Prince Charming in a beautiful and historic castle, and it's not hard to see why! We have the top ten reasons why having your wedding in a castle is just perfect:


Having your wedding in a castle means you instantly add some culture to your big day. If it's a really old castle, the walls will be steeped in history. This can add a sense of wonder to your big day, and at the very least, it'll give your guests something to talk about - other than your dress or when the meal is being served. 

You feel like a princess

Who gets married in castles? Princesses, that's who! You will feel like royalty on your big day if you exchange your vows in a castle.

It's beautiful

Getting married in a castle adds an extra bit of beauty to your day... and there's nothing wrong with that!

Escape from the public

Castles offer you the luxury of keeping your wedding private as they're away from cities or towns. You can often hire them exclusively so you won't have strangers wandering in like you might in a hotel.


Photo opportunities

Getting married in a castle means you're going to have some pretty amazing wedding photographs, that's for sure. They also won't date like photos taken in contemprary settings because castles will still look the same in centuries to come.

More intimate

If it's a small castle, there's a good chance all your guests who are staying overnight will fill up the rooms, so it'll be super intimate and personal. 

A sense of mystery

Castles often have a sense of mystery about them, especially if they're old. If there are any children at your wedding, they will really love this and you can organize tours of the castle for all your guests.

Less decorations are needed

As we said before, castles are beautiful, so there's not a whole lot of decorating needed. The architecture and surrounding land and gardens will be (almost) all the decorations you need.

You could have a fairytale theme...

or a gothic theme, or any kind of theme that fits a castle really. Imagine how much fun that would be!

They're unique

No two castles are the same, so you can be assured that your venue is totally unique. Knowing that there was nothing run of the mill about your wedding will make the memories that much sweeter. 


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