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10 Things We Love About... Church Weddings

Deciding where to have your wedding ceremony can be a headache - there are so many choices and you'll have a host of family and friends giving their advice on how you go about planning your big day. Then again, it might be super-easy - for some of us, marrying in a church is a no-brainer. And y'know what? We can think of 10 good reasons to go for it!

It's a family tradition

If your family is religious, marrying in a church may seem less like an option and more like a done deal (even way before you've found the groom). Perhaps it's the church you grew up worshipping at, the church your parents were married at or just your favorite of all the churches you've ever been in - there's something very comforting about holding on to a tradition that's been handed down through generations.

You're a believer

Of course, holding on to tradition is all the more precious when you're a true believer. Religion has been a big part of your life and that of your groom, and you can't imagine being married anywhere but in the eyes of God and by your much-loved local priest or pastor.

The entrance

The aisle lined with flowers, your arm in your daddy's, your fiancé waiting for you at the altar... the bride's entrance is one of the most special moments of any wedding ceremony, and the church adds a sense of gravitas that's worth its weight in peonies! (Bonus points for lining your aisle with cherry blossoms.)

The altar backdrop

This may seem a little cynical, but we all know that photographs (next to, y'know, love and commitment) are really high up most brides' priority list. And having your snaps with yourself and your new huby set against the backdrop of a beautiful church organ, a stained glass window or just a gorgeous Renaissance-style interior can be a really big plus!

The stained glass

Regardless of style, it is almost impossible to find ugly stained glass - especially when you're on the inside, with the sun streaming in. Stained glass casts such a beautiful light on proceedings and really adds an air of ceremony to things - which is fabulous when you're having a wedding and you want that "wow" moment!

The ease of set-up

Another slightly cynical one, but practical concerns are worth bearing in mind in the planning process - if you marry in a church, the seats are all in place, with a ready-made aisle and cut-n-dried positions for you and your bridal party! There is a lot to be said for arriving to a place that's all done up and ready to go, with very little effort from you and your team.

Floral possibilities 

Of course, you can use flowers to decorate whatever space you're marrying in - but figuring out where to hang your floral arrangements in a down'n'dirty barn is distinctly more difficult than deciding whether to adorn each pew, or just every second one. Not to mention the beautiful arrangements you can use to adorn the altar! Churches make flower arranging easy. Fact.

The music

Again, there are no rules on where you can and can't play particular pieces of music - but there are some that lend themselves perfectly to being played in a church setting, and Pachelbel's Canon in D is one of them. Amazing Grace is another beautiful option (and we love this Celtic version).

The exit

The moment of exiting the church - into the sunlight, with or without confetti, cameras snapping, to greet your guests - just can't be beaten. By anything, ever! (Okay, okay - your exit will be beautiful, no matter where it takes place! But trust us, you will never forget your church exit.)

The memories stay - quite literally - in place

Marrying in your parents' back yard is a great idea, but once the awning is removed and the canopies have been disassembled, the back yard is returned to its former glory: site of scrapes and falls, near-misses with the jungle gym, attempted escapes from your terrible family. If you marry in a church, each time you visit that church, the memories of your day will come flooding back to you. Food for thought!


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