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10 things we love about... Nautical Themed Weddings

We love a themed wedding here at Dreamwedding (did you guess?), but one of our favorites has to be nautical themed weddings. Want to know why? Well keep reading…

Creative invitations

You can have lots of fun creating invitations for themed weddings - much more than you can with just your traditional white wedding. How cute would it be to have teeny tiny little ropes wrapped around each invite? Time to get your glue gun out!

You get to be out in the open (or pretend you are)

Is there anything better than the sea breeze blowing through your hair as you take in everything nature has to offer? Being out in the open on your wedding day makes everything feel so natural and right, which is exactly how you will be feeling about saying 'I do' to your other half (we hope!)

Beautiful beach hair

If there is ever an opportunity to break out one of the most elaborate beach hair braids that you've seen on Pinterest, it's at a nautical wedding! You could go all Gisele Bündchenand and add some waves to your hair and let it hang naturally for a fuss-free look.

Groomsmen in sailor suits

You may be off the market, but it's nice to be able to give your bridesmaids something fine to look at on your big day. Enter: groomsmen dressed as sailors. They will love you forever!

You can really 'tie the knot'

Only at a nautical wedding will you be able to get away with physically 'tying a knot' as a representation of your wedding vows. How could you not love this cute little gesture? 

The decor

Imagine how much fun you can have when you're decorating your venue for your nautical wedding. Sea shells, sea shells on the sea shore - and everywhere else you can put them!

Quirky extras

By having a nautical theme, you can include quirky extras on your day, such as asking guests to sign a pair of boat oars instead of the average guest books. Little things like these are what make your day extra special.

The color blue

You may be a bit nervous on your big day, but if your wedding has a nautical theme, at least you'll be surrounded by the calming presence of the color blue

Rock the boat (don't tip the boat over)

A staple wedding party song can be made all the more fun at a nautical wedding with the presence of actual boats - on dry land of course. You won't want to rock that boat too much if you're on actual water, or you could end up with a very soggy wedding dress. 

You can crack theme friendly jokes

"My husband is a great catch alright! Geddit?" You'll have your guests in stitches all night (depending on how much alcohol they consume, of course).


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