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10 Things You Should Never Say To a Maid of Honor

You've been given the honor of being maid of honor, but that comes with lots of responsibilities. As well as dealing with the bride and all her demands, there are the other bridesmaids to look after and a thousand things you need to remember on the big day.

So when someone offers some 'helpful' comments, we can't blame you for losing your cool (but being the pro you are we know you'll keep it together). To avoid upsetting the maid of honor just stay cleer of comments like these.

“I'm going to organize my own bridal shower, but you need to help pay for it." Your bridal shower - you pay for it! If you don't want me to do my maid of honor duties you can find another cash cow.

“The bridesmaids look beautiful! It's such a shame they couldn't find the dress in your size." They had it in my size... I'm supposed to be in a different dress. I'm the maid of honor!

“You're really not very good under pressure are you?" If you can see I'm stressed out, why not offer to help me instead of making helpful comments.

“So you and the best man are gonna get it on tonight?" One, my sex life is none of your business. Two, my boyfriend wouldn't be too happy if I did.

“I would have been a better maid of honor than you were." Excuse me?! The bride's happy, the groom's happy, everyone's happy…except you!

“It must be hard for your being maid of honor for someone who's younger than you!" No, not really. What's hard is dealing with comments from people like you!

“How are you still single? Don't worry, you'll find someone someday." Thanks for that, I wasn't feeling at all self-conscious about being single at a wedding. Pictures)

“Are you like Katherine Heigl in that film with all the dresses?" No, I don't have 27 dresses and I'm not a fictional character! Pictures)

“When our dance is over, my best man duties are done so we can go our separate ways." In a hurry to escape are you? I'm gonna dance with my girls so forget you!


“So I heard all about you on the bachelorette party. I never knew you were so wild!" I never knew you liked to stick your nose in other people's business! (Warner Bros)


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