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10 Tips To Survive Being a Bridesmaid

Being a bridesmaid can be a stressful, expensive and exhausting experience! It all sounds great at the beginning as you imagine girly giggles, fun dress shopping and lots of champagne. Then you see the reality: rising costs, sore feet and worst of all the glimpse of the bridezilla.  

It won’t all be bad (we hope), being a bridesmaid has its wonderful moments which you and your old and new gals pals will treasure forever.

But to avoid those tough times we have 10 bits of advice which will help you survive being a bridesmaid. 

Say it clear 

Be upfront with the bride and be clear about what you can and can’t commit to. Make sure she knows any dates you’re not free for trying on dresses and come to a compromise. Share with her what you’re good at, and think about how you can use your skills to help organize the wedding. It’s a lot more helpful than just saying “How can I help?”

Get your budget done

Figure out your budget early so you know what you need to spend. That’ll mean you won’t end up with any nasty financial surprises. There will always be a few hidden costs, so add some more to the final figure, just in case!

Health = happiness

Try to stay as healthy as you can in the lead up to the wedding. If you feel sick or under the weather on the wedding day then you won’t enjoy the day at all. Give yourself a little extra TLC to make sure you are in good health for your bridesmaid duties. 

Speak before acting

Talk out your issues before you bring them to the bride. The bride has so much to do, so don’t be bugging her with every little thing. It’s easier to talk out a problem first with someone and then decide if you need to take it up with the bride.

Go to the maid of honor

If you have any problems or need information, speak to the maid of honor. She’s the buffer between you and the bride and she’ll probably know the 411. The maid of honor can then bring any issues to the bride in a cool, calm and collected way.

Make some friends

Get to know the wedding party because it’ll make the wedding a whole lot more fun. When out shopping or out celebrating the wedding, take time to speak to everyone and get to know them a little. You might even make new lifelong friends!


Watch the clock

Always be on time for every wedding related appointment. If you’ve agreed to be there then don’t show up late or you will be in the bad books. Score some karma points by being present and punctual, and don’t forget to smile!

Be kind to your feet

If you’re wearing new shoes then you should get used to wearing them before the day so your feet will survive the wedding. You will be standing a lot of the day, so unworn shoes could give you numb toes and blisters – ouch!

Be prepared

Make a checklist of everything you need while you’re at the wedding and pack them into a bag. It’s better to be over prepared than find you are without something. Take a look at our Wedding Day Emergency Kit checklist for ideas.

Bond with the bridesmaids

Don’t forget that you’re not alone! Unless the bride is only opting for a single bridesmaid you can lean on each other for support. You are all having the same experiences, so vent and ask for support (some tequila might help!) Just remember that no matter how mad the bride makes you or how bridezilla she’s being, she’s still your friend. 



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