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10 Ultimate First Dance Wedding Disasters! #FirstDanceFail

Some do a slow dance, while others put together elaborate routines - you never know what a bride and groom are going to do during their first dance.

All eyes, phones and cameras are on the happy couple as they step out onto the floor then… disaster strikes.

From bad DJs to clumsy grooms, we have 10 of the biggest first dance fails.

The DJ fail

Just because a DJ sounded good in the club, it doesn't make them a good wedding DJ. There have been many DJs who are amazing behind the decks when playing to a room of drunken partygoers, but can't cut it at a wedding. Whatever you do, don't hire friends or family unless you know they're up to the job. Get the DJ wrong and it could be a first dance fail - someone should fire this DJ and never let him near a wedding ever again…

The song fail

Lots of couples have a song that means something special to them, but there is something to be said about picking the right song. There are songs you should definitely avoid like Gold Digger by Kanye West and I don't love anyone by Belle and Sebastian, but there are ones that will send your guests to sleep. You might love it, but Céline Dion's My heart will go on is overplayed and way too long for a first dance, plus it reminds everyone of a sinking ship!

The DJ fail 2

You're on the dance floor with your new husband and everything's going great. You look into each other's eyes and then this happens…

The groom fail

Lots of couples take dance lessons before their big day, and some choreograph some mind-blowing routines. But if your husband-to-be really has two left feet then it's probably best to keep it simple. If you take your chances with a groom who can't dance and he tries some fancy moves during your first dance, it could go horribly wrong…

The bride fail

There have been weddings where the bride's dress has tripped her up while sashaying down the aisle and even a bride who got her dress stuck in an escalator! So a wedding dress and the frist dance is a recipe for disaster. Thankfully, most brides complete the first dance unscathed, but there are always a few who trip as they do the two-step. So head's up brides-to-be, practice dancing in the same shoes you'll be wearing during your wedding and if you have a long train then you should forget about doing some elegant spins and pirouettes.

The guests fail

You've hired a band and they're killing it on stage, but nobody's dancing! If you're going to a wedding you know you're going to have to bust a move, especially if the bride or groom are family. Most people are shy when it comes to dancing, and hate people watching them try out their best moves. But when it's time to join the first dance you need to throw caution to the wind, grab a partner and get dancing.

The DJ Fail 3

The DJ (or anyone else) should NEVER try and become the center of attention when the bride and groom are in the mood to dance. This is the bride and groom's day so get back behind those decks Mr DJ and play something we can dance to! The bride and groom don't look too impressed with this DJs strange dance routine…

The drunk fail

If you are either the bride or groom, then getting drunk before your first dance is a big no-no. Drink leads to tears, tantrums or general madness – think of nights in the club where you think you've been dancing like Beyoncé or John Travolta but looked more like you're shaking off bees. Of course you can have a little fun, but nobody wants to see the couple slobbering and falling over on the dance floor. With everyone holding cameras and phones ready to catch the first dance, if you make a fool of yourself it's a moment you will never escape!

The power fail

The lights are dimmed, the music's playing and you start dancing. Then boom! The lights go out. If the power fails on you, then generally it's nobody's fault (unless someone blew a circuit or cut a cable). So get out the torches and light some candles and finish your first dance.

The DJ Fail 4

You know you chose the right DJ…shame about their equipment. Professional wedding DJs will test all equipment before they come to the venue, but everyone has an off day or they are victim to something beyond their comtrol. So what do you do when the DJ experiences technical difficulties? Well you could find a solution with a bit of creative thinking like this couple…

Have you seen or experienced a #FIRSTDANCEFAIL? Let us know in the comments section.


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