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10 Ultimate Kids at Weddings Fails! #KIDWEDDINGFAILS

Kids at weddings – if ever there was a subject to divide brides, it’s this one!

If you decide to include children in your wedding ceremony then you have a 50/50 chance of having the angelic cherubs which make everyone say “Aww” or a child that’s straight out of The Omen.

We take a look at 10 children failing at weddings, but doing it so adorably you can’t help but laugh and smile.


Making an entrance

The beautiful music is playing, the guests are seated and are waiting to see the bride for the first time - then something comes running down the aisle! The bride is the one who’s supposed to make the dramatic entrance, but check out this hilarious screaming flower girl! At least the guests saw the funny side.


Time for a nap

There’s no denying it - weddings are tiring! There’s the early start, getting ready and for a flower girl there’s so much to remember like throwing petals and where to stand. Who can blame this adorable kid for wanting a little lie-down during proceedings?


I’m done!

Page boys and ring bearers are notorious for being the most difficult to manage. Weddings aren’t much fun for little boys – lots of standing around, girly things everywhere, and they just want to run around and be... well, little boys! The son of the bride and groom was given charge of the rings at this wedding, and when he was done, he was done!


Stop it and tidy up!

Little boys and little girls are from different planets as far as they’re concerned. So when a boy and a girl have to walk down the aisle together, there’s trouble brewing. This page boy decided the flower girl was making a mess with the petals and he was not happy! See how she reacts when he decides to tidy up (we wouldn’t want to mess with her!)


I don’t want to be here! 

Kids don’t hide how they feel.  If they’re bored they’ll tell you about it, if their happy you will definitely know, and if they’re grumpy their expression will say it all. This four-year-old took up the challenge of being ring bearer then kinda changed his mind. The flower girl seriously wins points for keeping a smile on her face with this grump at her side!


All fall down

Stairs are the worst enemy at a wedding. There are the long dresses to think of, the formal or new shoes, and then your mind is on things other than where your feet are. So it’s easy to take a tumble when you are making your entrance as this poor flower girl discovered: 


Hazards of the job

Flower girls have the important job of laying a beautiful trail of petals for the bride to walk down. Sounds simple, but there are hazards that can literally trip a girl up! Outdoor weddings have a whole new set of risks to watch out for. Ask yourself - who loves flowers? That’s right…bugs!


Say cheese (or don’t)

Wedding photographers are pros when it comes to kids. Sometimes they have toys, sometimes they shake keys – but they always have a method of grabbing a kid’s attention. This poor photographer found that his method doesn’t work on every child…


Lost for words? (Not this kid)

Kids say the cutest things, but sometimes they’ll tell you everything about their lives and more. Making a speech is scary for adults, so thumbs up to this little guy for getting the mic and saying a few words…or should we say a lot of words!


In your face!

Aww, that romantic moment after a first dance. There’s a glow in the room and everyone’s happy. Why not get the kids in on the celebrations? If you’re gonna give them party poppers or confetti guns, perhaps it’s worth having a parent make sure they’re pointed in the right direction or there could be tears (or laughter)





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