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10 Ultimate Tossing The Bouquet Fails! #BOUQUETFAIL

It’s the moment that your female guests love or hate. After the speeches and eating are done, the dance floor has been cleared and the music has been silenced, the announcement for the bouquet toss is made. Some cringe and stand at the back, while other women are pumped up and ready at the front of the group. 

The tradition is said to go back to 14th Century France when it was considered lucky to get a fragment of the bride's clothing. Back then, guests would literally tear off pieces of the dress! Thankfully the bouquet is the only thing guests can tear apart (unless they want to deal with a very angry bride), and judging from these videos there’s a lot of scattered petals and leaves left in the wake of a wedding. 

There’s lots that can go wrong when a bride throws her bouquet, take a look at these 10 bouquet tossing fails that are mad, bad and downright crazy!


Timing is everything

Life is all about timing – if you’re in the right place at the right time then you might get the things your little heart desires. This is especially true when it comes to catching the bouquet. You definitely don’t want to be too late or all the excitement will be over. But you don’t want to react too early, like this poor bridesmaid.  


Into the void

As a bride, where you decide to toss the bouquet might not seem like a big deal - but listen up ladies– it is! You don’t want your single friends standing on anything high because in the scrummage they’re more than likely to fall off. Then again, you don’t want to be too low because you need some height on that bouquet so everyone gets a fair chance to catch it. You also don’t want anything in the way that might swallow your flowers... or even your guests!



In the skies

It’s not only things behind you on the ground that you have to watch out for. In your wedding venue there are things everywhere that want to scupper your bouquet toss – from fans on the ceiling that want to chop up your flowers, to fixtures and fittings that are experts at defense. Make sure to take a look around you before you take aim, then fire away.... 



Get outta my way!

Lights are one obstacle we've seen, but there are fancy decorations to contend with too! How's a bride supposed to throw anything with so much stuff hanging from the ceiling? But thankfully there's always someone at the wedding who can save the day... 


Having a dip

Water and weddings are generally a bad idea. If photographers aren’t falling into it then it’s your guests who are taking a dive - or sometimes it's even the bride who ends up drenched! We know that there are women who will do anything to catch the bouquet, like these determined, but soggy ladies… 



Take aim

If you’re the bride who will be tossing the bouquet you need to have a firm grip and a good arm on you (a bit like the pitcher on a baseball field). Not too much though, you don’t want that bouquet flying over the assembled women and hit your Grandpa who’s watching from the back of the room. If you’re worried you can have a practice at home (it’s always fun to throw things around) but life will always find a way to play tricks on us. Better just to laugh and try again like this bride… 



Bang, bang

Catching the bouquet is dangerous business. Seriously, helmets and protective gear should be given out before the bride gets up to toss the bouquet, because the amount of women who have woken up the next day with bruises is, well…unimaginable! Take pushy women and shiny floors and someone’s bound to end up a bit roughed up.



Fight for the right

Some women take this waaaaaaaaaay to seriously. Some of them should put on a pair of gloves and hit the boxing ring rather than a wedding! Sometimes there should be a referee on hand to calm things down - it's just a bouquet! We’ve all heard about women who’ve gone a bit crazy at this point in the day, but seeing is believing…  


All the single ladies

This is the moment for the single ladies at your wedding. The ones who have sat through your wedding and listened to Great Aunt Betty tell them that their prince will come, one day. Of course not everyone is willing, but they’ll get up anyway because when it comes down to it, the tossing the bouquet is just a bit of fun. But now the men want to get in on the action – although any man who does this, judging from the last clip, is putting his life on the line… 


Break the rules

Finally, if you’re thinking about doing things a bit differently, take a look at this bride and her alternative method of tossing the bouquet… 


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