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10 Ultimate Vow Fails! #WEDDINGVOWFAIL

You imagine saying your vows every day in the lead up to your wedding. Everything is perfect, beautiful and just the way you wanted. But things can go wrong when you’re making a commitment to the one you love.

When things don’t go to plan you see the red mist descend, instead of getting mad it’s easier to laugh it off and go on with the show.

Things get dirty

Wedding ceremonies have a lot of words in them, and when all those eyes are fixed on you it’s easy for them to get fluffed or for something innocent become utter innuendo. This bride and groom thankfully see the funny side of their officiant’s unfortunate pause…


Rings of doom

The best man has one big job during a wedding ceremony – remembering the wedding bands. But it’s surprising how many forget or lose them. In one wedding in England, the best man lost the rings during the ceremony! Lewis Aubrey and Elizabeth Gray heard the ‘ping’ of the ring falling onto the ground, and the service was stopped so everyone could look for it. 20 people were eventually looking, and a bridesmaid said that people were lying on the floor looking under seats and pulling up carpets. The ceremony continued when the bride’s mother offered the use of her ring so the couple could get married. Thankfully the vicar found the ring in a crack on the floor and delivered it to the couple at their reception – what a hero! 

Lots of laughs

Sometimes you hear something funny and you can’t hold in a laugh. What happens if the laughter doesn’t stop? You can try calm yourself down by thinking of something sad, pretend you’re coughing... or you could just let it go. Andrew and Melissa Engstrom were in the middle of their ceremony when Andrew said "waffley" instead of "lawfully" during the vows. Watch Melissa laugh her way through the wedding ceremony, and try not to join in…


Keep it tight

Getting a dress that fits right is a bride’s priority. If only some grooms cared as much! Buying a suit that fits means that it will last long after you’ve sent your ‘Thank you’ cards. If your trousers don’t quite fit, then fellas, please wear a belt. We don’t want to see what your wearing under your pants when your mid-vows like the guests did at this wedding…


Animal Farm

People try to incorporate animals into their ceremony, and if it works it is super cute. But if it fails, boy does it fail. At one wedding the service was delayed when an owl bearing rings fell asleep in the church roof. Darcy the owl was meant to fly down the aisle and deliver rings to bride Sonia Cadman and groom Andrew Matley. Instead the one-year-old owl flew into the church roof to roost. It took about an hour to get her down, and a ladder was needed to rescue her. Thankfully the guests saw the funny side and there were backup rings ready just in case.  

Falling down

There are so many examples of the bride, groom or members of the wedding party passing out during the exchanging of vows. They’re flushed with excitement, ready to be married to the person they will spend the rest of her life with then BAM... they wake up on the floor. The best way to avoid passing out is to make sure you get plenty of rest the night before, stay hydrated and relax (easier said than done). If you do think you’ll faint, put a plan in place so someone knows what to do should you take a fall. 

Put down the phone!

Cell phones have a knack of ringing at the most inappropriate moments, and a wedding is the most inappropriate moment EVER! There are brides who confiscate phones before people enter the church, but not everyone feels comfortable laying down the law in that way. Having someone ask everyone to turn their phones to silent before the ceremony is the easiest solution, but guests should have enough common sense to know that using a phone during the wedding service isn’t cool. But, the bride checking her phone during the ceremony is a whole new level of fail…


Practice, practice, practice!

Unless you are one of those lucky people who can speak from the heart and bring everyone to tears with your off the cuff remarks, you should practice your vows. Standing in front of your future husband, friends and family to say your wedding vows is one of the most terrifying experiences you’ll ever have. Say them a few times so you’re comfortable with them, but be careful that they don’t sound too rehearsed. Having a wedding rehearsal is especially important if you have a large bridal party with lots of bridesmaids to walk down the aisle. They can practice where to walk, where to stand, and how to get the timing right. Rehearsals will also help you calm your nerves and know what to expect on the day.

Noisy children

Everyone wants their wedding day to be perfect, and a screaming child isn’t what comes to mind. Kids are adorable when they’re quiet, but  who wants their wedding vows drowned out by screams? Banning children from weddings is becoming more common and solves the problem of terrible toddlers and bawling babies. It might piss a few parents off, but your day your rules (does that sound a bit bridezilla-like?)

Getting emotional

It’s hard not to get emotional on your wedding day. You’re making a commitment to a person you love more than anyone else in the world. Getting emotional isn’t really a fail, but you don’t want to let it overpower you.  It’s not just brides who shed a few tears, grooms also get emotional and, like in this case, it can be a very touching moment…



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