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4 Small Towns Perfect for a Romantic European Honeymoon

Europe is full of amazing romantic towns and small cities, perfect for a quiet and intimate honeymoon getaway. From the rolling hills of Tuscany to the brightly painted streets of Cinque Terre in Italy, or the beautiful island paradise of Santorini in the Greek Cyclades, these gorgeous European destinations are sure to sprinkle your first vacation as newlyweds with joy, intimacy and lots of cherished memories. 

If these four amazing small cities and towns don’t whet your appetite for adventure and romance, we don’t know what will. From the fairytale-like Salzburg, to the dreamy Santorini, there’s something to suit every style of traveler; all you have to do in pick one!

Cinque Terre, Italy

Colorful and crumbling Cinque Terre consists of five small villages perched on the rugged Italian coastline. The region is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a popular tourist destination in Northern Italy. The charming villages, discreet and free from major touristic developments, are perfect for escaping the hustle and bustle of modern day life. With spectacular views all along the coast and the colorful buildings perched right on the cliff edge, the villages of Cinque Terre are like nothing else in Europe. It’s also quite easy to visit all five villages during the same trip, but Monterosso, with its access to the beach, is by far the most popular place to stay. 

Salzburg, Austria

An artistic and romantic hideaway in Austria, Salzburg oozes elegance and charm, attracting sophisticated art-lovers, music aficionados and history buffs to the city. The birthplace of Mozart, the city is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site meaning you can expect to enjoy streets of beautiful old Baroque architecture and dozens of theatres, music halls and galleries. Salzburg has more character and appeal than most of the world’s modern metropolises, making it a fabulous place to hole up with your love for a few days of indulgent bliss. 


Santorini, Greece

Beautiful Santorini has long had a claim on being one of the best locations in Europe to watch the sun set, and we can see why. The charming island in the Aegean Sea is awash with spectacular 360 views of the ocean, traditional whitewashed walls overhanging with brightly colored flowers and capped with spectacular blue dome roofs. Drive amongst the various small villages around Santorini, go island hopping to other nearby islands in the Cylades, or spend your days on the gorgeous beaches for an unforgettable honeymoon in paradise.




Florence, Italy

Steeped in history, every street in Florence is like a work of art. From the towering Florence Cathedral to the magnificent Uffizi Gallery, visiting Florence is like stepping back in time to the Golden Age of the Italian Renaissance. The outstanding architecture, the fabulous galleries and museums, the romantic cafes, and the wonderful art on every corner make Florence one of the most romantic destinations for an intimate and quiet honeymoon. Outside of Florence, the rolling green hills of Tuscany are the perfect complement to the city, and can be explored in a day-trip from the city.


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