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4 ways to get a DIY wedding (when you have no idea how to work a glue gun)

Let’s face it - you’re just like the rest of us. You joined Pinterest to repin the Hermès bag you WILL find in that color you saw in last month’s Vogueto give yourself an easy way to spend your allocated wedding-planning time... and to post pins of crafts that make you feel like the most DIY-illiterate person on the planet.

Whether you're a DIY pro or the girl who always burns herself on the glue gun before starting the project (*hands raised*), you’ll love these five personalized ideas that take the D word (yes, the colorful one you shouldn’t say!) out of DIY.

Ribbons are your friend

If the candelabra you tried to craft from repurposed wine bottles was an epic fail of mass proportions (but props for finding a creative excuse to drink more wine!), take your cues from Audrey Hepburn. Simplicity is key. You can personalize almost anything without having to do much more than cut and tie. Burlap comes in a variety of colors on 3- to 4-inch wide rolls. Wrap it around glass jars and hold it in place with a ribbon. So simple, but you’ll love it.

Rustic is REALLY easy

You have more belts than a ninja, but when it comes to knowing what artwork goes with which handpainted frame... maybe not so much. Well there's no thinking involved here - rustic mixes perfectly with more glamorous elements and the contrast is impeccable. Large fallen branches can be arranged in bundles and tied with soft satin ribbon to create an interesting secret garden feel for indoor or outdoor weddings. Fill a large gallery frame with baby pine cones until the entire frame is filled evenly to add a seasonal elegance to centerpieces. Finish with a burst of colored ribbon.

Shoe fly

If ever there was an accessory to DIY for a first-timer, it’s shoes. A pair of $15 heels becomes a statement piece with a few creative touches. Going for a turquoise and khaki scheme? A single peacock feather up the ankle adds a splash of personality. Looking for a hint of sparkle? Hit up a store like Fusion Beads for sparkly additions to the perfect DIY statement shoe.

Stamps, tags and twine... Oh my!

Paper tags are really trendy right now - many brides are using them to tie sweet little messages on to favors, bouquets and napkin rings. Ink pad stamps help make them hot and epic... instead of an epically hot mess. Punch a hole in the top and run a piece of twine through to add a little personality anywhere your heart desires!


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